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December 25, 2002

Christmas - Coming Attractions

So, by Christmas we couldn't take it anymore and had to tell our immediate families the big news. The secret had been SO hard to keep, and we were SO nervous about spilling it ahead of time. It was such a relief to finally get the news out!

When we gave the Pavel family their Christmas present - a framed copy of the second ultrasound - this is what happened [movicon 6.1Mb Quicktime movie]:


For the Teague family, their big present this year was a DVD I made about a family vacation. After we watched the DVD, I told them that I was already hard at work on the next film and wanted to give them a sneak peek with the following trailer [movicon 4.3Mb Quicktime movie]:


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December 20, 2002

Skiing is less fun for one

So we had this ski trip to Whistler, Canada all planned out - what we thought was going to be the last vacation for just the two of us. And then the doctor tells us that Jeanine should really try not to ski while we're there. So I went skiing all day and came back to the lodge to a knitting wife.

We were most afraid that our families would ask to see pictures before we told them that Jeanine hadn't really been able to ski, so we set up a couple fake-out pictures just in case. That's Jeanine's serious "I'm skiing" face. And her more casual grip on the poles.

December 19, 2002

Second Ultrasound

You can see the baby to the left of the yolk sac with its head pointing down.? The baby is only 7.6mm (a little over a quarter of an inch ) at this point, and I am 6.5 weeks along.? We heard (and saw!) the baby's heartbeat at this visit!

December 11, 2002

First Ultrasound

No baby visible yet, but the picture confirms formation of the yolk sac and that I am 5.6 weeks along. It's really true!

December 5, 2002

We're pregnant!

I took a blood test at the doctor's office a week ago to tell me if I was pregnant, and the test came back negative. So...I went in for more tests to determine what was going on, and the nurse called me the next day. I expected to hear the normal medical mumbo jumbo about levels and next steps blah blah blah, but intead she simply said, "Well, the tests indicate that you're pregnant." What?? She sounded just as confused as I felt, and I was really confused. Is this possible? Did they have my tests mixed up with someone else's? No, she assured me that this was the real thing.

I called Beau at work. As I tell him the news, the confusion I had felt seemed to melt away and was replaced by happy crying. I finally get it. But now the confusion seems to have transferred to Beau, and he tells me later that he's not really listening to what I'm saying. He just hears me crying and tries to think of how he's going to tell me that everything's going to be okay. But something, somehow gets through. "Wait, what?"

Yet he still doesn't quite believe me, so when he gets home, we go to the grocery store to pick up a test. I take a home pregnancy test to confirm a doctor-given blood test. Go figure. It's positive. Woohoo! I've still got it in a drawer in case anyone wants to see it. :) We decide to go out to dinner to celebrate at a family restaurant where there are tons of kids around. Ryan's. So we sit there eating our dinner, smiling like dorks at all the young families. They must've thought we were crazy psychos.

We've decided not to tell our families yet. It's too close to Christmas, and that would be a great surprise. I have NO idea how we're going to keep it a secret, though. We're just SO excited!