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February 12, 2003

Bringing the pet store home

At this point I'm pretty sure I've felt the baby move, even though I'm only at 15 weeks. Well, I shouldn't say move, exactly - maybe I should use the more technical term: quickening.

I know there's plenty of different descriptions of what this might feel like (riding a roller coaster, muscle spasm, gas bubbles, butterflies, etc.), but I tend to agree with my friend Mandy that it feels more like a bag of goldfish. Maybe I should explain that a little more... You know when you buy goldfish and they give you a little plastic baggie filled with water with your fish? It feels like my stomach is that bag and the baby is a goldfish that just kind of bumps into the side of the bag every once in a while. Not that anyone has actually had a plastic bag in their stomach with fish swimming around, but can't you just imagine it? Pretty cool, if this is really the deal. :)