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March 24, 2003

We found out what [the] sex is

Remember how I told you about our little compromise on finding out the sex of the baby? Well, that didn't exactly flesh out. When we're walking down the hall to the ultrasound room for the exam, Beau squeezes my hand. "I want to find out." Okay, now I totally don't believe him here. For 20 weeks he had been the staunchest of non-baby-gender-finder-outer supporters. A 180-degree turn at the last second? I don't think so. So I pretty much chalk it up to ultrasound anxiety and put it out of my mind.

The exam is really neat. Beau had brought an illegal video camera to the appointment to tape the big event, but he totally forgot to use it in all the excitement. The ultrasound tech shows us all the different organs and tells us that everything looks great. Praise God! Then she asks if we want to know the sex of the baby. I turn to look at Beau, and he nods. I remind him that once we find out, there's no way we can go back to not finding out status, expecting him to admit that he's been kidding. He keeps telling me he wants to know, so I ask the tech to tell us.

And...it's a BOY!!

Here's the new picture Beau made to put up on the fridge and at work:

When asked later if he really, really wanted to find out, he simply repeats, "I wanted to know." In Beau code that means "I know you really wanted to find out, and I wanted you to be happy." But he'd never admit that. Isn't he the greatest??

March 20, 2003

Week 20 - Halfway there

So here we are at week 20.

Next week is the big, final ultrasound where they measure the baby all kinds of ways. This is the one where they are able to determine the sex!

Since Beau and I have differing opinions on whether or not we should actually find out the sex of the baby (I've wanted to know since day one, and Beau wants to wait for "the big reveal"), I think we've reached a good compromise. We're going to get the ultrasound tech to write the sex down on a sheet of paper and seal it in an envelope. That way, if Beau changes his mind, all we have to do is rip open an envelope at any point during the pregnancy to find out. And if I change my mind, well, the envelope will stay sealed for all eternity (or at least until the baby comes). Good? Good. :)

March 15, 2003

Beau feels the deal

Jeanine has been totally hogging the "feeling the baby" bit. She's been going on and on for the last month about how she can feel him kick, turn over, etc: "There was a big kick! I could totally feel that one!"

Meanwhile, I rush over and try to cover as much stomach surface area as possible in a bid to get in on the action. But nothing. "How could you not feel that one? It was huge!"

Well, after tonight, I'm in the club! I felt the baby kick. I tell you, God has got this whole thing planned out just right: just as you start to get kinda antsy and anxious for something new to happen in this whole pregnancy thing, He throws a kick your way.

March 2, 2003

Baby bedding and theme

Today we went and looked for baby bedding. Apparently (and no one told me this before we got into this whole baby thing), before the baby arrives you are required by law to pre-pick a baby "theme." All the forms you have to fill out and all the ladies you talk to about the baby's room all have the theme question. So it's a thing.

Since I am still desperately clinging to the idea that we won't find out the sex of the baby, this whole theme thing becomes a big factor in picking out the baby bedding and colors and stuff. Consequently, at the baby bedding place we gravitated towards the more gender-neutral colors and themes and eventually found this purple and green plaid pattern to work with.

Well apparently just having colors is not thematic enough. You have to pick animals or sports or cartoon characters or monkeys or transportation (at this point, if I knew we were having a boy, I'd go straight to the planes, trains, & automobiles theme - if only to put this poster up in the baby's room) to augment your colors. Our initial thought was to come up with some sort of animal thing for each gender. So we decided that if it was a boy, we'd go frogs to match the green. We were all happy with that and figured we could just go purple flowers or something if it was a girl ... when all of the sudden it hit me: we could just combine the boy and girl theme animals from the get-go if we went with bullfrogs and butterflies!

Jeanine and I grew up on this record and even talked about it and Music Machine on our first date, so it could not be more perfect. Once the baby comes and announces its gender, we can always go a little heavier on the frogs or butterflies. But this way we're set no matter what; and we're set on something that has some neat significance for us.