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April 29, 2003

Transporting Teagues

I've been looking at and in a lot of strangers' cars recently. The image to the right there is the backseat of this average-size, four-door sedan that I often find myself parked next to when I get to work.

It pretty much freaks me out every time I look in the back seat. Two baby-sized carseats and one of these newfangled, what-the?-all-I-ever-got-was-a-reminder-to-wear-my-seatbelt-if-that toddler carseats. Three seating apparatuses squeezed into the back seat of a four-door sedan. Oh man.

The thing is, Jeanine and I are certainly fine in the car department. We've each got a fully functional four person car (my backseat is more of a very-short-person-friendly deal, but I guess that'll work out for a while at least). The doctors have me fairly convinced that we're only having one baby this August. But just having one baby in the hopper gets you thinking: eventually we'll need a new car, right? Something to haul kids and their friends and dogs and coolers full of oranges around. So you start seeing what's going on in the car/van/monster-truck/RV world just so you know where you're headed.

Well, here's where I hope to be headed: the not-yet-released, revival Microbus. Check this thing OUT. Removable rubber flooring! Double-sided sliding doors! Internet access! Actually, scratch that last one: I really think that they've gone a bit overboard with the DVD screens in the headrest business. In fact, would you please help me in reminding them that families in the market for this thing would probably rather let the kids play the alphabet game or quiet game ("1, 2, 3, go! Josh lost. 1, 2, 3, go! Tiff lost.") if it meant keeping the price a little more reasonable? I've already told them this, but they're more likely to listen if you also send them a note. After all, this thing is still being thought up! We can make it the perfect car! We can avoid the insanity of that car I park next to every day! It'll be great! 2005 and we can all load up in the new Teague Partybus.

April 23, 2003

Something going on...

I'm getting bigger now, and it's a little more obvious that there's something going on. Not enough that people pull a Brian Regan, but just enough that I either get a quick glance to my stomach or an overly cautious hug. Only two people (who didn't know beforehand) have commented on the fact that I might be pregnant - a sorority sister at a wedding and a gas station clerk at Racetrac.

I heard a stomach growl behind me the other day and turned around to see who needed to be fed - my husband or my dog - and there was no one there. Know why? It was my stomach growling. Yep, my stomach is in my back. I was totally weirded out.

We had a good doctor's appointment yesterday. They did all the normal stuff they do and then let us listen to the heartbeat. I love the fact that they do that at every visit. It's just so reassuring. Anyway...we were listening to it beat for a few seconds when the doctor said, "That sounds beautiful." I wanted to jump up and hug her.

April 16, 2003

Week 24

So here we are at week 24! One month past halfway now. This last month has really flown by compared to some of those earlier ones. Jeanine is feeling great - she's in that nice stage between morning sickness and uncomfortable hugeness. I'd like for this stage to last until the baby comes, but our doctor advises against it.

We got crib sheets this last weekend! Sheets for the crib - not cheating tools. Teague children will be taught that cheating is bad. They will also be taught that their beds should include appropriate bedding. For this baby, that bedding will be appropriately colored in lavender and celery plaid. Purple and green. Heavier on the green now that we know that it's a boy.