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June 16, 2003


Most friends and family know by now that we're pregnant and are going to have a son in early August (woohoo!) However, there is a list of frequently asked questions that I thought would be fun to post here. Forgive me if you already know the answers. If that's you, consider this a pop quiz...

1. Do you have a name for him yet?
Yes, we do! We've decided to dub him Luke Ryan Teague.

2. Is it a family name? How did you pick that name?
No, we actually picked it because it's biblical. Luke was an apostle of Christ and writer of the 3rd book in the new testament. His name means "bringer of truth and light" (Luke) and "young royalty" (Ryan). I love that. Also, neither of us had met a Luke we didn't like. (And if you're reading this and your name is Luke, you should feel honored knowing that you didn't deter us from using your name.)

3. Tell us something funny about choosing the name.
Okay, if you insist...Beau personally likes the name because of two additional reasons. First of all, there's the Bo and Luke Duke thing from the Dukes of Hazard. Secondly, he can say to our son in a Darth Vader voice, "I am your father, Luke" and have it be totally true.

4. Is the nursery done yet?
It's in progress. Beau painted the nursery a really pretty light green, and we're just getting down to the final touches like wallhangings and a rug.

5. What hospital are you delivering at? Northside?
No, not Northside. Kennestone Hospital in Marietta, GA. It's only about 6-7 minutes from our house, so we're very happy about that...as long as I don't go into labor too far from the house.

6. Have you taken a hospital tour yet?
No, not yet. We're going to get a couple of childbirth preparation classes under our belt before we sign up to see the place that will welcome our child into the world.

7. Have you had any weird cravings?
Cravings? Yes. Weird? No. I hate to disappoint everyone who asks me this with a boring, non-pickles-and-ice-cream answer, but there's really nothing too weird about strawberries and raspberries. Sorry. :(

8. Are you going to go natural?
Ummm...yes and no. I want to see how far I can go before I start screaming for drugs. I'm not sadistic, though. I just would like to go naturally if I can, but I want a full force of drugs sitting on my nightstand just in case. :) [Beau note: I, however, am going au naturale. I wanna make sure Luke doesn't feel bad about that outfit he's showing up in.]

These are probably the most popular questions we get, but if there are any additional questions you'd like to add, feel free to post in the comments section!

June 9, 2003

The Internet is your friend. Also: it is THE DEVIL.

For the past 32 weeks, I start my Wednesdays off with a Google search: "[whatever week we're in number] week pregnancy" (here's this week's results). Then I go through all the links reading the various pregnancy calendars to find out what the baby's got going on now. Have the feet formed? Are the eyes open? Is that tail gone yet? What size of fruit most resembles my baby now? (This week we hit the "bunch of bananas" measurement -- it's all very scientific.) I also get to learn what's happening to Jeanine and am able to preemptively compliment the body part(s) currently under attack.

So this weekly exercise is fun. It is a good use of the Internet. As long as you stick to the links that mention "calendar" or "ultrasound photos," everything is just dandy.

However, the Internet can just as quickly turn on you. Here's how not to use it: The Internet is not designed to be the place you turn when something seems off. If something is hurting or not doing so well or is otherwise unexpectedly scary, then doing a search on that thing is going to lead you into a spiral of evil Internet darkness. You'll inevitably end up on one of the message board dealies where everyone talks about how horribly wrong everything has gone. There are entire sites (that, thanks to the beauty of HTML, I could link to so very easily here -- but won't because you might be pregnant right now yourself) devoted to the completely noble effort of bringing people together who've all experienced horribly devastating things in their pregnancies. These places are not the place to turn for problem diagnosis, though. Stay away. It's tough. You'll want to go and then you get sucked into madness. When something is weird or funny, do these things instead: pray, call the doctor, listen to the doctor, follow whatever advice she or he gives you, and then pray some more. You'll save yourself a world of what-if? craziness and nothing will be any different than if you went and read the madness. Because the bottom line of the [D]evil side of the Internet is that you rarely learn anything that would actually help matters -- you just learn all the stuff that might go even worse. NOT FUN.

Okay. That's a pretty heavy entry [and yes, everything is just fine -- this was more of a general warning shot]. Also, I'm not a doctor nor expert on these things. I don't even have one complete pregnancy under my belt. So let's pull back up and out of that mess and get back to the friendly side of things:

Back when we didn't know the gender and I was still trying to find convincing arguments for why we should wait and not find out, I did my week 16 Google search. Since I don't really pay much attention to the search results links that I'm clicking, I really have no idea what sites I'm actually going to. This one happened to be in the mix. Before I noticed where I'd landed, I was completely freaking out excited with the wonderful ending of the 4th paragraph. Then I realized what site I'd landed on. Oh well, too late to move.