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September 21, 2003

Tricks at eight.

So: eight weeks in. I thought that maybe we could stop counting in weeks now, but since we haven't actually hit his two month birthday day, I guess we're still in weeks. So? What do we know? Where are we? What's new?

Well, the smiling thing is still happening since that last post. A whole lot more often now too. So fun. He twists his mouth all over the place as he smiles like he's trying to figure out the best fit -- I'm sure our faces contort right along with his the whole time. Overall, his face is just nuts. It doesn't stop moving!

Oh, and that whole baby cooing thing that you always hear about? They actually do that in real life! When he's super happy he actually smiles and goes "cooooooo." It's so great.

Where do you get the coos and the smiles the most? The changing table. Put him down on that thing and it's like the Happy Baby Docking Station -- he starts talking and smiling and just generally getting way excited. I don't know if it's just because that's the place he gets that sweet relief or what. I guess if I had no control over what was happening in my pants, I'd be pretty excited when folks got me to the bathroom and cleaned me up every once in a while. Still, he just gets so excited there even if he's totally clean.

That bellybutton stumply thing that was supposed to fall off within 10 to 14 days? It fell off at around seven weeks. That's 30-something days longer than it was supposed to. And you're not allowed to give them a bath proper until it falls off. So we've been sponge-bathing the little guy up on the sink for quite some time. Jeanine and I are convinced that it hasn't totally fallen off still; our Dr. Luk (can you believe that's his name? the coolest Lukes have an "e" though.) claims that it's all fine, but we'll find out for sure at his two month appointment, I guess. Sponge-baths for now.

Here's something exciting for just about everyone in the family: Luke's starting to pick up that consecutive nighttime sleeping thing that Jeanine and I have found to be very useful as humans -- which means no more 3am feedings! The times he's done it, he's fallen asleep around 10 or 11pm and not gotten hungry again until around 6am. Incredible stuff! We're only four for the last eight nights so far, but we're making progress. Also, he seems to be taking after his daddy on the talking-in-his-sleep feature: we can hear him cooing and hmmming as he sleeps just about all night long.

Oh yeah. Want some pictures?

[disclaimer: Jeanine claims that this is the post in which I've become a dad. I read that as: this is post in which I've started just running down the nitty-gritty facts all boringly. Sorry folks! I hope to put a little movie or two together soon; that should help, maybe?]

September 1, 2003

Happy Labor Day!

I'm very happy not being in labor today.

I think parenting has made us both a bit crazy. In addition to Beau's normal sleepwalking, I believe his middle of the night madness has rubbed off on me. For some reason we are both completely convinced that in the middle of the night Luke somehow materializes in the bed with us. One of us will normally wake the other up by either feeling the other's face, grabbing at the other's pillow, or talking sheer craziness. (Actual sleepwalking Beau episode: Standing at the foot of the bed he says, "You stay here with Luke. I'll go to the nursery and get him." Then he starts to walk out of the room...) Here's the thing, though. Luke's never been in our bed with us. Ever. So why are we so paranoid? This has got to stop. Nobody's getting any sleep around here. But I guess that's not really an option anyway, is it? :)

Luke continues to awe and delight us. We're pretty sure he's smiling on purpose now. He has this absolutely huge, gummy smile that lights up his face and makes you (or at least his parents) want to cry. Surprise!