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October 16, 2003

[Zoe loves Luke] + [Luke loves Baby Einstein] = [Zoe loves Baby Einstein]

People have asked how Zoe has reacted to Luke's arrival, and I have to say she really has been great. When we first brought Luke home from the hospital, she just kind of ignored him - hoping, I'm sure, that this setup was only temporary. I wasn't sure how they'd get along for a while until I found them watching Baby Einstein together, both of them glued to the TV screen. I guess it's their bonding activity because now they're friends. Both of them love the puppets and any activity where you can see people's hands, but Zoe, being the only mobile one at this time, will jump up and run to the screen when something they like is on. Luke will squeal, smile and wave his arms from his bouncy seat.

Now the dog who still jumps at the sound of rustling plastic bags will sleep in the room of a crying baby. She'll even go in and check on him a couple of times during the day when he's taking his naps. I'm sure she's resigned herself to the fact that he's here to stay...but I think she likes it.

October 4, 2003

Daddy learns how to say "hi" a lot.

As promised: Luke smiling [movicon 6.1Mb Quicktime movie]. And talkingish! In living color and motion.