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November 21, 2003

What's he like?

Every day is a new adventure here in the Teague household. Luke is just busting out with new stuff everyday!

Uncle Josh and (title TBD - Mmmm?) Leah were visiting this past week from NC and were there to witness Luke's first "grabbing". He now pulls objects to his mouth using his arms and hands.

When he's really happy he just opens his mouth really wide and kind of smiles (as much as you can when your mouth is open as far as it can go). No sound. No noise. But very happy.

Two days ago he rolled over from his back to his tummy! Which is really funny, actually, because he hates being on his tummy. I made sure to make a big fuss that he did it and then quickly grabbed him and put him on his back before he started to get upset. He just seemed kind of surprised and bewildered that he had actually made it all the way over.

Luke's ticklish. We just found that out the other night. He will laugh so hard when you tickle his neck. I love this laugh! It seems to come from his gut - a kind of huh-huh-huh. We've only gotten this real laugh a couple of times.

He's not a big fan of baths. It's not that he gets that upset, but he'll just sit there and stare at you until it's over. He LOVES being wrapped up in a towel afterward. That's where the smiles start.

He loves to stand up with someone holding him or sit up like a "big boy". Those two activities get the open mouth almost every time.

He's got some hair on the top of his head now - it's actually part-able. I think we're going to go with the left. :)

He still loves to babble a lot, especially on his changing table.

He's already started outgrowing some of his clothes. :( Beau was right - I love whatever stage he's in at the time, and I get nostalgic for whatever stage we've just come out of. It's not that I'm not looking forward to what he does next, it's just that it's so much fun exactly where he's at!

By the way, it's funny what happens when Beau and I get excited as Luke does something new. We clap, congratulate him, kiss and hug him, and generally get way excited. Luke just calmly looks at us as if to say, "No big deal. I've always been able to do this - just didn't want to show you guys until now."

November 1, 2003


He's getting one. Or growing into it? Somehow he's slowly becoming his own little guy. It's crazy fun. All I know is that when the weekend comes and I get to see a full day of his cycle, it's way exciting -- every week seems to bring more life and awareness to his world.

Unlike Jeanine though, I seem to find myself all about the next episode. Not that I don't totally love each and every non-crying minute of him in his current state; it's just that each new development is excitingly addictive. Every new little trick, sound, laughter, movement is such a rush! Like all of the sudden this last Wednesday he decided that if Mommy or Daddy blows on his closed fist he's gonna find it funny. Trying that on Tuesday night would have done nothing. Now, though, the hand-blowing thing is high comedy. A week and a half ago, me going "uh oh!" was the trick to the instant smile. Now? He needs new material. He's a demanding audience, but I love trying to find the sweet spot.

So enjoy some new pictures and I'll work out the next funny bit.