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December 28, 2003

Everything must go!

It's been a while since the last post -- Christmas and everything has made us very busy. So here you go, emailers and requesters: The 2003 Year-end Luke Teague Media Blowout Spectacular! Pictures, movies, anecdotes, and more await you below.

A month or so ago, we discovered that not only was Luke ticklish, but that he's now capable of actual laughter! Needless to say, we've tickled him so much since then that he's pretty much stopped the laughing part and skipped straight to squealing. We did manage to catch that first tickle/laughing session though:
Luke with the laughing and such. [movicon 1.2Mb *]

Once the tickling stopped working as well we moved on to new laughing triggers. Jeanine discovered the surprise-wheel-around-"o"-mouth technique and applied it in this cacophonous scene [note: Zoe does not appreciate this particular laughter trigger]:
Luke wears himself out laughing. [movicon 8.9Mb *]

More like sitting-ish. He's getting there. They say that the tripod method (hands on the floor in front of them, ape-style) is the place they start. What I can't get over is the complete lack of fear. Luke will be sitting there completely falling over and look just as calm as he ever does:
Luke sits there. [movicon 12.5Mb *]

For Luke's first Christmas, we started out at our house right after his first feeding of the day (6:30am, here we go!). Luke got to watch Mommy and Daddy open his presents for him, he tried his best to stay awake, and then we headed out for family Christmases 2 & 3. Here's how the day started:
Luke gets a prize or two. [movicon 18.9Mb *]

Finally, here's a small collection of pictures from the last month or so:
Luke goes from four to five months.

* [sorry: These movies are all pretty huge. As always, right or control-click to save them to your computer -- and make sure you have Quicktime installed. If you don't have access to a fast connection, email us and we'll see what we can work out.]

December 2, 2003

Good day, sunshine.

The end part of my getting-ready-to-leave morning routine consists of the following:

1. A stop by the bed to pray for Jeanine, Luke, and myself for the day.
2. Me telling Jeanine to stop trying to wake up enough to say goodbye and get a few more minutes sleep.
3. A quick stop by Luke's bed to very quietly look at him sleeping before I leave.

Since it's usually pretty dark when I leave, I can't get too good a look at him -- but he'll usually do his sleep-sighing thing. And that's good enough.

This morning, however, there was just enough light for me to make out his face. And just enough for him to make out mine. Apparently, he'd woken up just as I walked up. When he saw me he gave me the biggest smile and then proceeded to just keep on smiling at me.

There is no better way to start the day than having your little baby smiling at you in the twilight. Best. thing. ever.