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February 21, 2004

Johnny Jump Up.

Yes! He's finally old enough for it. Watch him go! [movicon 10Mb Quicktime movie]

February 8, 2004

New adventures.

hereiamAdventures in flavor
Well, it's time. Luke grew two bottom teeth and a hankering for something different. I was kind of hoping he'd have more of a funny/amusing reaction to solid food...like the textbook baby-eats-new-food-face. But his facial expression was just one of mild distate - as if one of the ingredients didn't sit well with him. Not bad enough to send back to the kitchen, but not good enough to leave a large tip.

Adventures in mobility
He's also begun to really enjoy rolling around. He only likes to roll one way, though, so you basically just have to set him up at one end of the room and stop him right before he reaches the other wall. I'm definitely going to have to be on my toes with him!

Adventures in training
One of the most important things Beau and I believe is that you need to train your child early to exhibit the behaviors that you would like him to have later in life. Here you can see Luke with his daddy at one of the most important training grounds of his childhood.

And here are some other pictures to catch up a little bit up on the last month or so. We're really going to try to find some time to post more often! Really! :)