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March 14, 2004

Luke's first vacation.

The entire Teague family [here minus the original Teague parentals] took a trip to Dallas, TX for a wedding, and Luke took his first plane flight. Prior to this trip, the farthest Luke has ever been away from home has been to The Varsity. We knew travelling with an infant would be different, so we attempted to prepare ahead of time. Since babies under 2 sit on their parents' laps during flight and don't have a ticket, Luke didn't get a personal baggage allowance. Considering his packing list for a 3-day trip, though, he still ended up with our biggest suitcase:

- Baby Bjorn (to get through airport)
- Stroller (to be checked at the gate)
- Diaper bag
- Doorway jumper
- Bottle warmer
- Warming dish
- 2 empty bottles
- 2 filled bottles
- 20 diapers
- Pack of wipes
- Diaper cream
- 3 wedding event outfits
- 3 sets of PJs
- 3 play outfits
- 2 pairs of nice socks
- 3 pairs of play socks
- Sheet for crib
- 6 jars of baby food
- Box of baby cereal
- 4 empty jars
- 10 spoons
- 7 bibs
- Portable high chair
- Ziploc bags
- 5 burp cloths
- 3 cotton blankets
- Pacifiers/pacifier holder
- Blanket sleeper
- Plastic diaper disposal bags
- Toys for diaper bag during flight
- Suction cup toys for restaurants
- Toys for hotel
- Teethers
- Books
- Baby shampoo
- Baby nail clipper
- Baby brush/comb
- Thermometer
- Bulb syringe
- Pack and Play crib (hotel provided)
- Car seat (rental car company provided)

Wow! Now I understand what curbside check-in and pre-boarding were created for! :) The trip was so much fun, Luke got to meet a lot of family he hadn't met before, and we now know this is something we can do! Woohoo!

Here are a few more pictures from the trip.