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April 18, 2004

Go where you wanna go, do what you wanna do.

As of last Thursday morning, Luke has a new trick. Here's some of the footage shot just as he figured things out that first day [movicon 5.9Mb Quicktime movie].

April 3, 2004

Who's your syllable-syllable?

Here's how sweet and generous Luke's Mommy is: since Daddy is at work for most of Luke's waking life, she thought she'd work on his speaking abilities while Daddy was away. And since she figured that Daddy wouldn't have as much time to try to teach Luke to say "Daddy" -- and that of course Luke would have a much easier time learning "Mommy" -- she worked extra hard to teach him Daddy's name first.

Well, she did it! [movicon 7Mb Quicktime movie] She got Luke to repeat "Da!" Unfortunately, she did such a good job that that's pretty much the only consistent thing he'll repeat right now. I still say that he doesn't really connect "Daddy" to me; and that the first word he'll really connect to a bona-fide person is going to be "Mommy." So let's all say that until it happens, please. Okay? Thanks!