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August 26, 2004

Here it is.

Luke walks! [movicon 5.9Mb Quicktime movie]

August 10, 2004

You ate what? We ate sand.

July was the month of the beach: two family vacations full of beach, plus one beach-themed birthday party. Consequently, Luke was fairly well dipped in sand and, as you'll see in the birthday pics, sand's sugary stand-in. Sand in the bathing suit, sand in the face [movicon 4.3Mb Quicktime movie], sand in the mouth, and eventually, sand in the diaper. And through it all Luke grew SO MUCH. We experienced an explosion of mental/verbal growth in the last month. He went from Mama and Dada as his sole vocabulary to a word collection in the teens. "Bird" kicked it off. Thanks to a plethora of low-flying foul along the coastline, Luke had that little pointy finger up in the air all the time. We kept saying "bird" every time he pointed one out until finally, out of nowhere, he pointed at a big sea-gull and said it himself: "brrr." Matter-of-fact! No biggie! We suddenly realized that he was ready, we were ready, his BRAIN was ready to start dumping in the repetition. Off we went: duck, ball, book -- whatever held his attention long enough. He kept up! Repeat and point long enough and he'll not only get the word, but the association. It's so cool. And it's gone beyond repetition. He's getting concepts. We'd pass people with dogs and he'd make a barking-ish sound. That translated into the "How Does a Dog Go?" game. He'd hear a bird whistling and without seeing it say bird! I would be talking to Jeanine about how someone won a game and he'd put his number one finger up in the air. Without prompting! Sure, he should have a better understanding of homonyms, but we'll get there. I'm sorry, it's just crazy how fast everything seems to be moving right now. I'm not being all "my son's brilliant" here either. I'm just blown away with how this little human has suddenly turned on the brain stuff. It's completely fascinating. So yeah, some pictures. Here's a series of beach pics. And here are some pictures from the amazingly put-together beach birthday party that Jeanine created. Don't miss the sand castle cake! Finally, these two photos didn't really fit in the above collections so well. But they're too good to skip: Uncle Josh Prepares to Read Luke a Story While Luke Sits in His Toy Bucket and Little Luke Attempts to Help Daddy and Uncle Royal Put a Toy Together.