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November 30, 2004

Toddler Teague? Family Teague? Poorly Named Site Teague?

I was starting to get nervous that we'd not exactly thought the naming of this site all the way through. "Baby Teague" made a whole lot of sense back when we were a good nine months away from the delivery of said baby, but as Luke has become LUKE and started talking and walking I've started to minorly panic over the short-sighted site naming strategy that we employed back in 2002.

Well what better way to fix that whole dilemma than just going ahead and making sure it was still valid? So that's what we did. Rather than fuss with rebranding and renaming and redesigning -- and after much discussion and thoughtful strategizing -- Jeanine and I decided to simply keep the name the same and attempt to make it work for us all.

To that end, we've done a few things: we've added another handy-dandy trailer [movicon 4.3Mb Quicktime movie]. Jeanine's taken the time to secretly write up a number of journal-esque entries that we'll now turn on and let you read. And finally, we went ahead and got pregnant again so it would all make sense.

Whoohoo! Number two is on the way! We held the news in [for way, way too long -- we're 15 weeks along!] so that we could gather everyone together for a big Thanksgiving reveal; now that we've let the family in on things, it's time to go wide with the news.

So settle in. Baby Teague is still the name of the site. We're sticking with this thing. We may have to keep making babies until the Internet goes away, but what are you gonna do?

[note: Like I said, Jeanine's been writing this whole thing up just like last time. Only she's spent the last 6 weeks writing in invisible ink. I've gone ahead and sprayed the lemon juice all over everything so that you can see the five entries she wrote. Start here -- right after we found out -- and then work your way forward.]

November 4, 2004

Keeping the secret.

So this has been a really long time to keep this a secret, especially for me, and especially from our family and friends. Just so they know, I did not lie! Maybe just stretched the truth. :) Here are some close calls:

1) Two days after I took the test, a friend (the one who told me I could be pregnant) called and asked me point blank if I took a pregnancy test. I was so taken aback, I think I fumbled around for a while before composing myself. I sighed and in a very dejected voice said, "Yes, I did. No worries. No worries." She let it go. Thank goodness!

2) The day of my first doctor's appointment, I needed to find a sitter for Luke. My mother-in-law offered to help me and wanted to make sure everything was okay (I told her I was going to the doctor - stupid, stupid!). She asked me if I was going because I had recently been sick. I said no (because I didn't want to lie - stupid, stupid!) and that I was going in for some tests (waaaaaaaaaaay stupid). I then proceeded to blow her off until I left and then frantically called Beau from the car to tell him that I think I blew it. We concocted another story that went along with the "test" theory that wasn't totally false, and I think (hope) she bought it. It's wonderfully hard having a mother-in-law who cares so much! :)

3) With my parents I try to be as normal as possible. But it's hard -- especially since we "normally" talk about the future kids every so often. But I think we've played it pretty cool here. After one bout of talking out a new boy names, Beau commented that "It's nice that you guys are thinking ahead." Please let them not figure this out!

4) Since we started meeting in the beginning of September, my new church group hasn't known me in a not pregnant state. Since then, I have cried more during Bible studies than in all my life combined. They must think I'm an emotional basketcase. And I am. But with reason this time. :)

November 1, 2004

First ultrasound.

Oh. My. Goodness. There's a baby in there! And a big one at that! Moving around, waving arms and legs, and saying hi to Beau, Luke and I right there in the examination room. This is so exciting! It totally looks like a boy. :)

The biggest shocker of all is that based on size, it puts the baby at 11 weeks old. 11 weeks! Okay, so I was wrong. Way wrong. My due date is May 24 instead of the beginning of June like I thought, and I'm almost through my first trimester. We're telling our families at Thanksgiving, and by then I'm going to be 14.5 weeks (roughly 3.5 months). They are going to FREAK!