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December 28, 2004

Rapid inhalation noises.

Man. What a fun Christmas. Whereas we have video from last year with Luke just maxing and relaxing as gifts were opened for him, this year we've got Reaction Shot Luke [movicon 5.4Mb Quicktime movie]! Every present is a new adventure -- even if he has no idea what it is yet!

The whole day was one big fun fest. This year Luke got up a whole wonderful hour later than last year. Speaking of which: his schedule RULES these days. Down at eight, up at seven-thirty, nap from one to three or four-ish. It's gonna be insane when we go back to the 3 hour loop this May. Anyway, we started out at our house, headed to the elder Teague's place for more madness (and Uncle Royal's birthday lunch!), came home for a quick Lukenap, and then closed it all out at the Pavel present palace. By the end of the day Luke was completely exhausted, but when he woke up the next morning he headed right back downstairs to do it all over again.