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January 25, 2005

Olio means never having to say "I love you."

The following is the entirety of the phone conversation I had with Luke this last Sunday morning (I was in Chicago; Luke was in the kitchen):

Daddy: Hi, Luke!
Luke: Hi.
Daddy: How are you doing? Did you sleep well?
Luke: Slee.
Daddy: Are you having fun with Mommy?
Luke: Momma.
Daddy: You be sure to be a good boy.
Luke: Gooboy.
Daddy: Are you going to play with your toys today?
Luke: Toe.
Daddy: Are you going to play with Zoe?
Luke: Zozo.
Daddy: Okay then. I love you!
Luke: Olio.

January 15, 2005

Luke's New Game.

I'm constantly amazed at Luke's expanding vocabulary and the associations he makes with words. Most of the time there's a game he'll play - one of the first Luke has made up on his own. He'll say "bird!" or "airplane!", and I'll have to look around until I can find what he's talking about...

One of my current favorite stories about this new "game" is from a trip we took a month ago to the Babies R Us in Kennesaw. We were pulling into the parking lot, and all we could see was the side of the building. Luke very clearly says "frog!" from the backseat. Now I know that there's no WAY he could see a frog. It would have to be a pretty big frog for him to see it from the car, and a cursory look around tells me that there's no visible frog-suited man anywhere. I play the patronizing mom role and suggest other words he might be meaning to say. "Store? Is that what you see, sweetie? Tree? Car?" "Frog!" he insists. "Frog! Frog! Frog!" I give up. I pick him up and carry him inside Babies R Us and put him in a cart where he points over the cart area next to the exit of the store. "Frog!" Oh my goodness. I know what he's talking about. No, he didn't see it when we pulled into the parking lot, but he remembered from the last time we were there (about a month earlier) that I had let him ride one of those little kiddie rides with a Kermit the Frog in it! I'm amazed by his memory and the fact that he can associate Babies R Us with a frog. Now we can never leave Babies R Us without visiting him. :)

Now you, too, can play Luke's favorite new game! Can you find the "moon" in this picture?

January 5, 2005

It's a...

...little weird, but all of our friends that are having/have had their second child conceive the exact same gender as their first. So we weren't sure if we were going to continue the trend or be groundbreakers among the something's-in-the-water crowd.

We got lucky in that I switched doctors at the end of the year, and although I had previously scheduled my ultrasound for the first week in January, my new doctor decided to be gracious enough to let me have an ultrasound on my first visit. It all worked so perfectly because Beau was home from work for Christmas vacation, so he was able to be there, which may not have been the case with a later date. AND Luke got to come, too, since Beau was home watching him while I went to the doctor. The baby was pretty active and not very shy (as the ultrasound tech put it), so we didn't have any difficulty finding out the gender. Some trends are meant to be broken...

But why buck a good trend?

Yes, baby boy #2 is on the way! Luke's going to be a big brother! Wait, that still applies either way... I would say I knew it all along, but you guys know what a parental presumption that is. We are so excited and can't wait to meet him in May!