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June 25, 2005

Play cars?

Please? Play cars? Play cars, please? Please. Play cars. Yes. Play cars?

Luke will ask until you agree. And then you will play cars for hours. Hours. This is his newest thing. And if I sound like I'm repeating myself with the constant pronouncements of "Yes! Now we're getting to the fun stuff!", well, I'll probably keep doing that until we hit the point when he can beat me in video games. But seriously, cars. Fun! You can get the little pieces of track for less than a buck per couple of feet -- the cars are like a dollar too. Watching him approach the wall of Hot Wheels at Toys 'R Us is so, so great. And then he finally decides on the weirdest looking thing and you're off! Take it home and get it on the track. Play cars! Yeah!

He's got this one little black one (third from the top) -- I've taught him that a miniature Michael Knight drives it. "Who's in the car Luke?" "Michael. Knight." He nods on the first name and then he nods again on the second one. You could keep yourself entertained for a long time by just asking him who drives the black car.

Eventually we tracked down the intro to Knight Rider. How awesome is it that Luke is already completely into David Hasselhoff? He loves Michael Knight. If he's not playing cars, he'll gladly watch the Knight Rider intro 10 times in a row. It fades to black and "more?" And now you too can watch the intro to Knight Rider [movicon 4.5Mb Quicktime movie] 10 times in a row. Please note that this is the intro to the fourth season (K.I.T.T. has both Convertible and Super Pursuit Mode), and it features a couple of very special cast members that you might not remember from its original airing.

June 5, 2005

Fresh content. Daily.

Today we're launching a brand new feature: The Baby Teague Picture of the Day. With the vanilla Baby Teague site, pictures tend to pile up and wither away before an appropriate post can be generated to show them off. This deal will let us get the good stuff out there on a daily basis.

Since we've still got a nice, healthy backlog of pictures from Silas's delivery and hospital stay, don't expect a lot of rigor in the way of chronological ordering -- we're just going to put up pictures from the last couple of weeks in fairly random order.

Unfortunately, this probably spells the end of the short-lived What in the Teague World? series. If enough people get antsy for a puzzle, maybe we'll figure out a way to let you comment on the thumbnail before you click through to the full picture? Let us know if that sounds worthwhile. Otherwise, enjoy the show!

[credit: About five days after Luke was born, his famous baby blog friend Trixie entered the world. Over the last two years her dad has gone to town on her site. The Trixie Picture of the Day was not only the inspiration for our new deal, but I was able to muck around with his fancy code and use it to drive our implementation. Thanks Trixie and Ben!]