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July 28, 2005


Just had to relate a conversation I had with Luke this morning as we were finishing up breakfast. He's got such a hilarious grasp of language concepts nowadays. I love it.

Luke: Mommy, watch "Q U"? [note: this is in reference to the They Might Be Giant's kids DVD that teaches the letters of the alphabet. One of his favorite songs is one in which 2 people dance around with a giant "Q" or "U" for a head.]
Me: Maybe.
Luke: Maybe so?
Me: Maybe so.
Luke: Maybe later?
Me: Maybe later.
(At this point, panic starts to set in as he realizes he went too far with the "maybes" and how mommy really works...)
Luke: No, no, no! Not "maybe later", just "maybe".


July 26, 2005

Happyday to you!

Well, here we are. Two fun-filled years full of Luke Ryan. He kinda seems like he's been "two" for the last three or four months though: talking like crazy, getting all up in everything, learning to sing (the title of this post is the way he sings an appropriate recent favorite).

He even tells jokes these days! For as long as we've been reading his animals book, I've taught him the trumpet-like sound that elephants make and accompanied the sound with an elephant trunk-like arm motion. When we get to the giraffe at the very end of the book, I've always taught him that they go "neck neckneck, neck neck" and accompany that sound with a kind of neck grabbing motion. I think he's somehow always suspected that I was making that one up, so one day we were reading the book and I asked him how the giraffe goes.

"Hey Luke, how does a giraffe go?"

Without a pause he shot back, "Quack quack!"

I of course feigned shock, "THAT'S not how a giraffe goes, Luke!" After he collected himself from laughing at daddy's indignation, he shot back a "Daddy, ask how giraffe go!" And away we went for another good eight or so retellings. This joke repetition is now the highlight of the end of the animals book.

Here's to another year of Luke-generated jokes!

July 24, 2005

Peace on earth.

Silas is smiling now [movicon 2.9Mb Quicktime movie]! It's the sweetest, most precious thing in the world. Especially since just a few weeks ago, the idea of this happening seemed like something from an impossibly distant future.

Everything seems to be running smoother for the little guy lately. The big not-so-hidden secret around here is that Silas had a pretty rough time in the beginning. The first two months were fairly brutal in terms of his inability to find any sort of comfort or sleep, day or night. Poor little guy!

But! Things are going much smoother now. Thank all of you who prayed for us and helped us out -- we've been blessed with the nicest family and friends a [formerly] screaming baby and his parents could ask for!