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August 25, 2005

Watch movie on 'pootah?*

By popular demand, I've created a consolidated page with just the posts with movies. No more rooting around trying to find the video of Luke falling over, Luke learning to crawl, or Silas smiling. I've also switched up the trailers area in the sidebar. You'll find a permanent link to the movies page there as well.

And what good would this post be without new video content? Keep in mind that this is as simple as it gets movie-wise. I didn't add a soundtrack; I didn't edit it. It's just straight up, uncut footage of Luke Duke getting down in his favorite pajamas. Apparently, while hanging out in Hilton Head, Luke was all dressed for bed -- only to realize that there was still plenty of time left before he actually had to go to bed. So he headed out in his mo'cycle PJs to find a stage suitable for him to do his thing [movicon 8.1Mb Quicktime movie]. Enjoy!

* Luke's pronunciation of computer is the best.