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September 26, 2005



It only took three decades or so, but I ended up with something really cool to push around in my wheelbarrow. The two pictures on the left are of me when I was just a little guy -- the one on the right is of me and Luke from earlier this summer. The wheelbarrow was made by my hero and the man I want to be like when I grow up: Grandaddy. (Here he is with me in the very beginning.) My mom had the foresight to keep not only the wheelbarrow around, but also the blueprints that Grandaddy drew up to build it!

I love this wheelbarrow. I love that Luke and Silas get to play with it. He passed away a while ago, but I love my Grandaddy still. I can't wait for him to meet my boys.


September 21, 2005

Baby Gap Big & Tall (& Rested!).

For the last four nights, Baby Silas has had a meal around 9PM and then not eaten again until 7-8AM. This, my friends and family, qualifies him as having Slept Through the Night. Which I think we all know also qualifies him for Being Even More Awesome Than He Already Was.

We learned with Luke (almost two years ago!) that there is the possibility of getting a good, expectation-setting week or two or three out of this kind of wonderful behavior -- right before ending up with a week or two of middle of the night madness that makes you think that your world is ending. BUT, at least it won't take us by surpise if it goes down that way again.

Other brief news: Silas had his 4th month check-up on Monday. There it was confirmed that if you had 100 live babies all hanging out in a room, only nine of those babies would be any heavier or taller than Silas. Unfortunately, this confirmation was not carried out using 100 live babies -- that would have been a pretty amazing logistical set-up for ol' Dr. Dixon. It's all a percentage game with these guys.

September 13, 2005

Luke discovers anthropomorphization.

Luke (to his index finger): Hi, finger. What are you doing?
Luke (as his index finger): I just hanging out on a hand.