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October 19, 2005

Some of the many things I love about my boys.

allthreeboys.jpgTonight I was just hanging out with my boys before bedtime and was totally overcome with all that they mean to me. They were just playing, eating, talking, laughing, etc., but it was just so beautiful to see them so happy. When they're happy, I'm happy.

Here are some of the many things I love about my boys:

  • at the end of the day, how Luke's clothes smell like he's played outside no matter what
  • how if I happen to be there the moment Silas wakes up, he opens his eyes wide and smiles straight at me
  • how Luke wants everyone to come watch while he tries to go potty
  • Silas's all-out laugh when I tickle him
  • how every day Luke reminds Daddy to give him and Mommy and Silas a hug and a kiss before he leaves for work (and also to make his lunch)
  • how Silas bounces himself so hard in the bouncy seat that the back of it comes off the floor
  • how Luke already has a pair of favorite "cool" PJs
  • how Silas falls asleep easiest when he's holding onto your finger
  • how Luke loves to show/tell Baby SiSi the things that he's doing/playing with...and how Silas is the perfect attentive audience
  • how we can hear when Silas is up because he slams his legs so hard onto the mattress that we can hear it downstairs
  • how Luke sings Happy Birthday to anyone he's feeling particularly warm to at the moment, and...
  • how Luke demands that you sing with him
  • how Silas loves taking baths
  • how Luke snuggles with you when he first wakes up
  • how Silas's 5-month-old head of hair already looks good parted on one side rather than the other
  • when Luke tells me "Good dinner, honey" after a meal
  • how Silas has to lift his legs up in the air and grab at them before rolling over to the side
  • if Silas falls asleep while I'm looking at him, how his eyes close before he stops smiling
  • how Luke calls all of his grandparents, aunts and uncles his "friends"
  • how Silas "sings" when he's tired (based on a long "oh" sound with a concerned expression)
  • how Luke knows what fast food we got based on the look of the bag ("Yay! Arby's!")
  • how I want to videotape every cute word, every precious action, and then I realize I would just be videotaping my entire life, and then I realize how I wouldn't change this one second I'm living in at the moment for any other second in the world