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December 20, 2005

More Bounce to the Ounce.

Silas's turn [movicon 8Mb Quicktime movie] on the greatest invention known to man.

When it comes to keeping a young Teague happy dappy for an extended period of time, nothing beats the Johnny Jump Up.

December 16, 2005

Welcome the birth of a brand new old site.

babywebsite.jpgThe look is a bit different, the name has changed. The content is the same fun stuff. Here's the deal:

You may or may not have noticed an increase in the amount of spammed-up comments floating through the site. We try to stomp them out at soon as they pop up, but these criminals use deadly, fast-moving ROBOTS that will stop at nothing to force you to look at their junk. And since the old set-up of the site wasn't helping, we're upgrading it. In fact, we're not quite finished yet -- so if you notice any wonky behaviour, be thankful that it doesn't involve easy access to shady prescription medication or off-shore gambling. We'll get everything all put back together soon enough.

Unfortunately, the new set-up has forced our hand and made us do some renaming ahead of schedule. I'd wanted to do a big, fresh look and feel and renaming thing in '06. While I still expect to give the site a look and feel overhaul, the new name is here today! Welcome to A Teague of Their Own. Unlike "Baby Teague," we think that this new name will better grow with our family as the little guys go from Boyz II Men.

More reasoning for the switch: since there seems to be more than a few of us Teagues on the web, we knew we couldn't claim ownership of the Teague name all by ourselves. That knocked out the selfish "Teagueville," "Teaguenation," "The Teagues that Matter Most," etc. "Middle Name Fa" (work it out...) was deemed too negative (but so, so accurate when in the early stages of baby care). "Teagueria Del Sol" was deemed too obscure and Mexican food-based. Even "Baby Teague" itself will grow to seem hoggy once we're not the only ones cranking 'em out. And since we've always loved the clever and descriptive Josh and Lauren Teague solution, we just went with what we've got: a Teague family of our own.

December 5, 2005

New site feature.

Since Luke is such a loquacious little guy nowadays, we've decided to add a new feature to the site - the Quote of the Moment. He starts talking the second he wakes up in the morning ("Moooooommy! Daaaaaady! I'm awake!") and doesn't stop until he falls asleep ("Leave the door open a crack?"). Sometimes that doesn't even stop him, as you'll soon read. I've been running out of space in the baby book, so thank you for indulging me here. And soon enough we'll probably be hearing some Silas stuff. Okay, I'm having one of those "they grow up so fast" moments, so I'm going to stop before I cry. Enjoy!