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June 23, 2006

Fresh for '06.

Back when we switched up the name, I talked about wanting to give the site a new look. And now half a year later, Uncle Josh Teague Studios has gone and redesigned the site for us! Sweet!

As you can see, he stayed true to our pre-gender-knowledge color palette of green and purple -- I wanted to make sure we had a flexible thing going on just in case we end up with a girl down the line. But color is about the only direction I gave him. He came up with everything else on his own and (in keeping with the site name) pretty much knocked it out of the park.

Speaking of the site name, the other fun change the design brings is the fact that we finally have a URL that makes sense. Now you can just bookmark ATeagueofTheirOwn.com -- should be much easier to type, remember, or pass along in casual conversation about green and purple websites that feature children.

June 1, 2006

Eight nostrils running.

Well this is a horrible first: four Teagues down in one fell swoop of sickness. The boys started it with seemingly minor colds, then Jeanine caught it, then the boys' colds developed into double ear infections, then I got it, and now we are all miserable. At the same time! That's pretty much the worst part of it. Typically, these things swing through one, maybe two, of us at a time and then serially take over each person just as the previously infected heals up. We've never had a case where BOTH Jeanine and I were unable to function properly.

So the house is a total wreck. Bits of uneaten food litter the countertops, nasty used Kleenexes are jammed into the couch cushions, Silas has been wearing the same diaper for the last 4 days, and Luke's sleeve is now stuck to his crusty nose. We've enlisted the aid of grandparents only to infect them as well. This must end! I am officially calling for an end to the madness.

Next week's Pictures of the Day will either be non-existent or grossly unpleasant, and you can already see the hit the Quote of the Moment area has taken. The good thing is that I'll end up posting again as soon as we're better -- if only to get this disgusting and sad post out of the top slot!