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July 26, 2006

Ohhhh, Luke.

Luke is three!I was reading back through the birthday posts to see what might be an appropriate write-up for Luke's third (today!). When he turned two, I took the opportunity to detail Luke's burgeoning joke-telling skills. Timing-wise, it's interesting. I'd forgotten that he's been telling jokes for the last year, but I was starting to think that only in the last weeks he's really begun to SEEK the laughter of adults. Like, a lot. Unlike a year ago, he's not happy with the joke if it only amuses him -- he wants you to laugh, and he wants you to laugh repeatedly.

One that kicked in a few weeks ago: Luke had done something typically amusing, and I gave him an "Ohhhh, Luke." He shot back a quick, "Ohhhh, Daddy." I responded with an "Ohhhh, LukeRyanTeague." For a split second you could see the gears turning in his head. Back he came with his own twist: "Ohhhh, DaddyRyanTeague." I, of course, laughed at his ingenuity. The lightbulb clicked ("I made Daddy laugh!"), and he was OFF. Since then, he's used this same joke on others -- "Ohhhh, GrandadRyanTeague." -- in a clear attempt at getting laughs. Tell him that he's funny and he practically glows!

Happy birthday, laugh machine!

July 24, 2006

Dirty knees no more.

Silas walks!Kicking off a two-week, Hilton Head-based set of Teague Pictures of the Day is a fun video first. Silas walks! [movicon 14.7Mb Quicktime movie]

Technically, he took his first solo steps during the July 4th weekend. But it was at the beach that he finally took off. As long as he could find something to climb up (coffee table, human being, sand castle, etc.) he was off and walking for a good distance. Eventually it got to the point where he'd go 30-40 steps, fall, and look at you in frustration -- wondering why you'd allowed him to get so far only to be roadblocked by wobbly balance and gravity.

But now, walking is his primary form of mobility, and we can finally put the kneepads away.

July 11, 2006


One of the most fun things right now in watching Luke and Silas grow up is seeing the things that make them uniquely them. Luke's fondness for (break)dancing, for instance, which I'm pretty sure he did not inherit from either Beau or me. Or Silas's habit of falling over and burying his face in his favorite blanket any time you bring it near him. Or the fact that Luke has to eat one bite of every french fry on his plate before declaring he's done, leaving a mess of half-eatens behind. Or how Silas loves to sleep with his legs on top of the bumper pad and his feet sticking out between the slats of the crib.

...but one of my favorite quirks that I've seen in Luke and Silas is something they both share - their love of using cup holders. I find this absolutely fascinating. Don't get me wrong, I love them, too (so I know where they get it), but doesn't it seem a bit young to really care that your drink is not going to tip over?

As much as I love my double stroller, one of the major drawbacks for me is the fact that it doesn't have any cup holders for me or the boys. And the funny thing is, they never ask for a drink when they ride in it - I guess since there's nowhere to put it when they're done. Now the single stroller with a cupholder built right into the tray? They ask for a drink every time. And they get frustrated with the cups that are too big to fit in the cupholders, too. I love it.

Now our high chair has two cupholders in the tray (I guess to accommodate both budding right- and left-handers.) And, in fact, one of both Luke's and Silas's first words was "uh-oh", directly stemming from their repeated (and failed) attempts to put their cup into the cupholder on the tray when their arms were too short to reach. So sad, yet so quirkily fun.