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January 27, 2007

Some of the many things I love about my boys #2.

I can't tell you how many times I've heard more experienced parents tell me how "time flies by so fast" and to "enjoy your kids while they're young". There are so many moments I'd like to bottle up forever, so I think I'm beginning to realize what they mean. Thus, another list of some of the many things I love about my boys:

  • how Silas whispers the last word of every sentence you tell him as you put him to bed
  • how Luke asks to have doughnuts every morning because Daddy took him out to get them one time, but it obviously made a tremendous impression
  • how Silas runs to the potty first when Luke announces that he has to go
  • how Luke asks me to scratch his back every night before bed and then tells me that it will be itchy when he wakes up, just so I can say that I'll scratch it again in the morning. And he falls asleep happy.
  • how Silas is so good at going to bed, that if reading a book lasts too long, he says "night night" and tries to crawl out of your lap to get to his crib
  • how Luke bends down and puts his hands on his knees to talk to Silas even though he's only about 2 inches shorter than him
  • how Silas runs at you with all he's got when you ask him to give you a hug
  • hearing "Silas, train time!" "Silas, it's time to eat!" "Silas, let's go ride our plasma cars!" all day long
  • how Silas misses Luke if he's not yet up from his nap ("Luuu?") and then goes to Luke's bedroom door to bang on it and wake him up
  • how they love to sit in my bathtub (no water) and play airplanes and...
  • how they use the back of the bathtub as a makeshift playground slide
  • how Silas loves an audience so much that when he's riding his plasma car, he'll often look at you smiling and run into walls
  • how Luke still calls 20-month-old Silas "Baby", as in: "Hello, Baby! Good morning!"
  • Silas's serious concern about his new TMX Elmo that he got for Christmas - every time Elmo falls down laughing, he always has to set him back on his feet (repeating "uh oh uh oh uh oh" the whole time), which just confuses the poor little muppet so that he never functions properly
  • how Luke picks out cars on the street as his favorites ("Mommy, do you see that car? I love it. It's my favorite.")
  • how when we ask "Who wants to go do...?", Silas raises his little hand in the air and shouts "Do!"

  • how both boys crowd around the faucet in the bathtub to see themselves in the reflection while taking a bath
  • how Luke will always notice my new shoes, dress, or perfume and compliment me
  • waiting in the carpool line, how Silas anticipates me tickling him in his car seat as soon as the car gets put into park
  • how Luke is never quite sure if it's a new day when he wakes up from a nap
  • how Silas thinks that when you go "Shh!" you just touch your nose, because I guess I have long fingers
  • how looking at this list compared to my last makes me realize just how much they've both grown, changed, and become oh so much fun. And I am so happy and so grateful that I get to be here every day to witness it