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March 4, 2007

"Sss" is the new shorthand for "seven."

This latest video is short and sweet, but it sums up a pretty fascinating bit of sibling behavior. In Silas's quest to become just like Luke, he's accidentally learning wacky things that his parents would never have thought to push. In fact, seeing Silas attempt to potty train himself, try to sing along with the alphabet song, and various other "big boy" [i.e. LUKE!] things has us rethinking our future educational strategy. Ultimately, we're thinking of saving money by keeping Silas home from school forever and just having him hang out with Luke when he gets home.

Anyway, about a month ago, Silas started doing this:

[movicon While the ease and ubiquity of YouTube is such that I can't really NOT go that route now, the low quality of the video sears my eyeballs. Here's the old-school 1Mb Quicktime version to make me feel better.]