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July 26, 2007

Welcome to four!

I present... the BEACH!Luke talks more and more about being four (and me being "thirty-thousand") and what it means. Until he turned four, THAT was gonna be the age at which he was old enough to ride roller-coasters. He's since changed his tune and said that five was the right age for that madness.

But my favorite stuff is when he doesn't so much talk about age specifically, but about "being a daddy." The privileges that apparently come with fatherhood are vast: he'll get to "drive the van," he'll get to shave, he'll be tall, he'll be able to jump up to the sky. But my favorite daddy bonus that he's talked about looking forward to? He'll finally get to have his "own boy to take everywhere." You bet, Luke. It's one of the best perks there is.

July 16, 2007

Hilton Head '07.

Squeeze em all in!Grandad and Granmom Pavel were awesome enough to bring the whole family to Hilton Head again this summer. And THIS time our place was super-sized with Luke and Silas's cousin Karis, Uncle Josh, and Aunt Leah! Plus, across the street and down the road were Jeanine's Uncle Dave, Aunt Ann, cousins Chris & Kim (and her boyfriend Matt), Uncle Harry, Aunt Mac, and cousin Tara (and her friend Dan). Whooo! Jammed up with all kinds of fun people...

So this post (and the accompanying Picture of the Day) kicks off a two-week cross-site coverage Stunt Spectacular with the Baby Pavel site. Check in with both sites for a new picture each day.

The fun thing about returning to Hilton Head for the last few years is that we've already developed traditions and return-visit activities. It seems like just yesterday Luke commandeered the Coligny Plaza stage for his own little dancing exhibition. Well now it's become a bona-fide THING. For both of 'em! So much so that they now refer to the stage as theirs -- it's transformed from the puppet show area to the "stage where we dance":

[movicon I still say the old-school 14Mb Quicktime version is the best way to experience this stuff. But the Vimeo version above certainly looks better than the YouTube version I tried.]