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August 27, 2007

Some of the many things I love about my boys #3.

I started this new list about 3 months ago and just never got around to publishing it. So without futher ado, some of the many things I love about my boys:

  • How Silas's eyebrows go up when he nods
  • How you put Luke to bed with socks on his feet and he wakes up with them on his hands
  • How Silas is an uptalker
  • How Luke closes his eyes and dances with his head and hands when he's happy, singing, or thinking happy thoughts
  • How Silas sniffs his blanket when he gets up and invites you to do the same
  • How while playing Memory, Luke will place his hands on two overturned cards when he thinks he has a match, even if it's someone elses's turn and no matter how many more people have to go before him (he's since learned to overcome this temptation for the betterment of the game)
  • How Silas gets down flat on his tummy and puts his face as close to a bug as possible to inspect it
  • How Silas's favorite PJs were Luke's favorite as well
  • How Luke moves the steering wheel in line with the track at the American Adventures truck ride
  • How the boys pretend it's someone's birthday and put pine straw upright in the grass to make "candles" and sing the birthday song ("okay, it's my birthday now!")
  • How Silas puts an "o" at the end of saying things he doesn't want ("No thank you green beans-o", "No thank you nap-o")
  • How amazing Luke is at cheering up Silas when he's been crying
  • How Silas throws his arms wide at the dinner table in a grand gesture to indicate that he's done
  • How looking at this list 3 months later, it's amazing how much things have changed in even that little space of time. Some of these things are now defunct, and it makes me sad to see how fleeting each phase is. But I'm happy to have captured my precious boys at this stage of their lives!

August 13, 2007

Fun to say, funner to visit.

Aloha!Leading up to our recent trip to Hawaii, we had the boys practice their Hawaiian words: aloha, mahalo, Honolulu, Waikiki, etc. I don't think they had any idea what the point of this practice was -- for them it was an opportunity to get away with goofy babbling (and they still crack up every time we put on Hawaiian music).

But man, did they have fun once they got there. Poppy and Pansy were responsible for loading up eleven (11!) Teagues and firing us all the way across the world. It was the boys' first non-baby plane action, and by far the longest stretch of travel and time zone adjustment they've ever dealt with. But they were great! And Silas's "awoha" was a sure-fire hit wherever he said it.

It was a fantastic vacation -- I can't imagine photos properly showing how completely relaxed and removed from the world we were. But settle in anyway for another two week stretch of Pictures of the Day. Between all the cameras, I'm pretty sure we've got every last second documented (and from multiple angles!).

Silas Surveys the Sandyness