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January 21, 2008

Pull. Stop. Release!

For the last year or so, the boys have held tight to a morning formality. I load up my pockets, put on my badge, and give everyone a hug and kiss goodbye. Right after -- not before! must do this in order! -- they each get to pull my yo-yo-like badge out until it stops, and then let it ziiiiiip back into place. Whee!

So for Christmas, I decided to make them their own work badges:

They like having their own IDs, but what I didn't expect was how seriously they would take their chosen professions. Luke talks about this unsourced "they" who he has apparently been conscripted to work for, "They gave me my badge, and I'm going into space when I turn ten." Silas is also positive that he's bound for firefighting at some point, "I'm going to the firehouse to drive the fire truck." We'll see if their predetermined professions stick, but never has the question "what do you want to be when you grow up?" been met with such emphatic certainty.