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March 28, 2008

Some of the many things I love about my boys #5:

  • How the boys will contort themselves into so many uncomfortable positions to squeeze into my lap while I'm on the computer so that I don't notice
  • How Silas fits perfectly on my lap with the top of his head snuggled under my chin
  • How "playing cars" can now mean one of two things: 1) playing with the ever-increasing amount of Matchbox cars spread throughout the house or 2) playing Mad Tracks on the Xbox
  • How Luke navigates the video game menu screens by memorizing what he's seen Beau and I do
  • How Silas thinks he can make any picture (digital or not) bigger or smaller based on iPhone technology
  • How Luke thinks you say "excuse me" after you burp or pass gas because it lets everyone know who did it
  • How the boys freak out when I eat chips directly from the bag because they think I'm going to eat the whole bag. The whole bag! Please.
  • How the boys pick me flowers
  • How Luke and Daddy play the "guess how many meetings Daddy had at work" game when Beau gets home
  • How Silas stands with his hands on his hips when he's observing something
  • How I'm always the princess in a make-believe scenario
  • How Silas will rub my back when I hold him and rub his
  • Their mutual love of hoodies
  • How happy Silas is to watch Luke play a one-person video game ("Mommy, can Luke play a video game, please, so I can watch?")
  • How the boys think there is applesauce in the middle of grapes
  • How Silas pushes my hair back from my face and tucks it behind my ears

Each of these things are precious, daily reminders of my boys, but my current favorite thing that I love about the boys is how they are the best of friends. God gave them such a gift in each other, and I am so grateful that He brought them into each other's lives!