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May 21, 2008

Hot dog.

svelte zoeWe've always talked about shaving Zoe down for the long, hot summer. This year we finally did it. When they picked her up from the groomer the boys were thrown WAY off. For most of the day, they were completely convinced that we'd traded Zoe for a newer, svelter, and smaller dog. By the time I got to them, Luke had wised up -- but Silas remained unconvinced.

(For reference, here's Zoe in full-on Loreal mode from a few years ago.)

May 18, 2008

Happy birthday, Silas!

After all the build up, it's finally here! You've been acting like such a 3-year-old before you ever turned three -- running, climbing, riding, playing, keeping up with kids much older than you. We are so proud of the sweet, enthusiastic, loving kid you are. You make our hearts melt! Happy birthday, sweetie! We love you!

Mr. Three