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June 30, 2008


Back before we let the whole world in on the news, we told the boys about their upcoming sibling:

Fun backstory: Aunt Lauren's brother and sister-in-law are also due with their third on December 15th. Their early video of them telling their girls inspired us to do the same -- and in a lot of ways we ended up with the boys copying their girls' reactions word for word (hence our laughter on the "December 15th" part).

June 4, 2008

We're gonna need another header bubble.

While that's the not the very first thought that ran through my head seven weeks ago, it followed pretty shortly after thoughts like: wow, whoah, really?, wow, weren't we not going to take the test until next week?, wow, are we sure?, wow, okay, man, wow.

We're having our third baby! Jeanine is 12 weeks along; December 15th is the due date (but Easter weekend is probably gonna stand out in my head for a while as well). Today's Picture of the Day is a fun first: it's the first TPOD featuring the still-unnamed Teague child number three!

We're super thrilled. The boys are excited. Here we go!

(As she did last time, Jeanine wrote up a couple of posts during the media embargo. Here are her thoughts shortly after finding out, and here is her great write-up about the boys and their loose lips.)