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August 1, 2008

It's a...

...very healthy baby! Praise God! The ultrasound went very well yesterday, and everything looked great. The boys and Beau came with me, so that was even better. The ultrasound tech said that in 2 years of doing this, she'd never seen any siblings as into watching the ultrasound as the boys were - fun!

About 1.5 seconds after the ultrasound wand made contact with my stomach, the tech asked, "So do you want to know?" "Wait...now?" Didn't she want to wiggle it around a bit just to make sure? No - apparently it was very clear. Just like that. That immediately said "boy" in my brain, but in case you were wondering, it's a girl! Our children have no problem letting us know ahead of time what gender they are.

Luke and Silas were not surprised. They knew all along. Beau and I were both shocked, as we believed that we were destined to make boys, though Beau had had a hunch. I believe I was the only one completely surprised. Whatever happened to mother's intuition??

We are, of course, thrilled. As we would be either way. But this throws an added element of unpredictability and newness to the mix. A girl with 2 older brothers! Double the amount of grilling that future boyfriends will get. Bring on the pink!