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September 14, 2008

Some of the many things I love about my boys #6:

  • How they love to listen to the Spanish music station on the radio
  • How Luke has started getting holes in the knees of his jeans
  • Silas's Curious George impression - dead. on.
  • How they can communicate with each other without using any words
  • How the boys drape themselves over your shoulder when you carry them downstairs after their nap
  • That Luke's favorite pair of shorts is camouflaged (the first item of clothing he's specifically asked me to buy for him)
  • Silas's low, guttural laugh
  • Answering out-of-the blue questions ("How do the walls stay up?" "Why do we all talk differently?" "How do people make these big signs on the road?" "Why is lightning in the sky?" "Why did God make the devil?" "How do you get a hangnail?" "Why don't ladybugs have tails?" "What's the difference between 'slip' and 'trip'?")
  • Silas's summer "water wing tan"
  • How they always want to include each other in excursions ("Is Silas coming?" "Can Luke go, too?")
  • Luke's daily singing of things he wants to say
  • Silas's careful enunciation
  • Luke's sly smile when he doesn't want you to know that he's pleased with your praise
  • The "snert" they named and invented - half snort/half gross (as if snorting isn't gross enough). It used to make me want to throw up during my 1st trimester, but now I can appreciate the boyness of it.
  • How Luke ever so gently gets Silas up from his nap by rubbing his back and whispering to him
  • How every night is a slumber party since they're sharing a room
  • How careful Luke is not to brag about the fact that he no longer has to take naps. Every day he whispers in my ear, "I don't have to take a nap today, right?" It's been 3 months.
  • How Silas immediately stands on his head when you put him to bed and leave the room
  • How they say "our chuthers" instead of "each other"
  • How their main goal of each day is to get our chuthers to laugh
  • How Luke's favorite bathing suit is the one that has nothing to do with how it looks, but that it's size 100. 100! Now that's a big kid size (read: European).
  • How excited they both are about their baby sister! Luke has even offered to help carry her for me, as I only have 2 hands for the two of them. :)

September 10, 2008

QotM. #0557:

Luke: "Knock, knock!"
Silas: "Who's there?"
Luke: "Me!"
Luke: "Knock, knock!"
Silas: "Who's there?"
Luke: "Me!"
Luke: "Knock, knock!"
Silas: "Who's there?"
Luke: "Me!"

- overheard their first night in the same room

September 2, 2008

QotM. #0554:

Daddy: "What do you think, guys? Should I run for president?"
Silas; "Yes!"
Daddy: "I don't know...I think it might be a hard job."
Silas: "Can I just see you do it one time?"