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November 30, 2008

There she is.

Faith.Oh, you guys. Wow. This is IT. Everything went off without a hitch. Jeanine said that this was by far the easiest of the three pregnancies and deliveries. Praise God on that one!

But I can't stop staring at my baby girl and have to finish this up so I can go back to it. Here are the stats:

Name: Faith Claire Teague.
Weight: 7 pounds, 11 ounces.
Height: 21 inches. Probably got Jeanine's legs.
Birthday: 9:18am, November 30, 2008.
Age at birth: The boys are very clear on this. She's zero. (But two weeks and a day early.)
Age as I type: 7 hours. (Wireless Internet, Facebook, and crazy camera-phones have raised everyone's expectations on this part. Three and five years ago, days were still acceptable.)
Hair: A lovely light brown-ish blond. Not too much. Just the right amount.
Diapers changed: 3 (out of approximately 2,500).

In lieu of this week's TPODs (those are gonna have to wait until we're home), here are some photos fresh off the camera:

This was how she looked ON THE TABLE, just minutes after giving birth.

They love her.

I love her.

Sweet Silas.


November 28, 2008

QotM. #0586:

Luke's observation about Faith's upcoming birth: "She was infinity before she was born. Then she'll turn zero."

November 26, 2008

Some of the many things I love about my boys #7:

Thanksgiving - the perfect time to debut another list about the two little people I'm most thankful for...some of the many things I love about my boys #7:

  • How enthusiastically Silas cheered for Luke at his soccer games ("Luuuuuke!")
  • How Luke hears a sweet song and gets confused as to why he's tearing up
  • How Luke doesn't like to go to school as much on the days that Silas doesn't (only Wed!)
  • How enthusiastic the boys were to go to a "sibling class" at the hospital where we're delivering Faith
  • Hearing Silas pronounce his friends' names from school - Rohan, Ayli and Eshvar
  • Silas's incessant posing
  • How Luke has discovered his own favorite color that is not mine (black)
  • How the boys help each other play video games
  • How Luke tells Silas what he's good at doing...even if he's not...just to make him feel good
  • The boys' "trumpeting" of things they're excited about ("I'm going to clean up the pillows so that we can play - dun da da daaaa! - puzzles!")
  • How the boys have made up their own lyrics to the Indiana Jones theme song (no, they haven't seen the movie) - "We're two brothers...and a sister...we're two brothers...and a si-i-ster..."
  • Silas's use of the word "nasty". ("Mommy, the roof on that house is nasty!") I don't know where he got it from, but it cracks me up.
  • How Silas runs and slides on our hardwood floors in his socks like he's sliding into home plate
  • Listening to the boys pray for our new president
I needed to post this list now because first of all, it's Thanksgiving, and I couldn't imagine being more grateful for the precious gifts of all my boys. Secondly, I will need to change the title next time since I will be having a little girl come Sunday. Yep, I said it. Faith will be born this Sunday, November 30! I realize that was the initial date we put out there, so just ignore my last post. :) Apparently, I've made enough "progress" that the doctor thinks I will make it no where near my due date. More to come!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

QotM. #0585:

Mommy: "Luke, I'm tired."
Luke: "Me, too!"
Mommy: "Maybe we should both take a little nap."
Luke: "I know what we could do that would make us fall asleep."
Mommy: "What?"
Luke: "Maybe watch a movie? That always makes me want to fall asleep..."

November 24, 2008

QotM. #0584:

Silas: "When I eat my pudding, I don't get my mouth dirty."
Mommy: "Really? How?"
Silas: "I have a big mouth."

November 21, 2008

QotM. #0583:

"Can you help me? It keeps making me lose..."

- Silas on playing a new video game

November 19, 2008

QotM. #0582:

Silas {singing}: "I fell into a burning ring of pacifiers..."

...followed by laughter at his Johnny Cash joke

November 14, 2008

QotM. #0579:

Those who have been to The Coffee Park on Roswell Road can maybe relate to this one. :)

Luke: "Where are we going?"
Mommy: "The Coffee Park."
Luke: "Have we ever been there before?"
Mommy: "Yes. One time...do you remember?"
Luke: "Oh, I think I do. Weren't we locked in a cage?"

November 12, 2008

QotM. #0578:

"Is Jesus making hot dogs?"

- Silas in the car as we smelled an outdoor BBQ

November 10, 2008

QotM. #0577:

Daddy {to Mommy}: "Honey, I think I know where we should go for dinner."
Luke: "Daddy, maybe you shouldn't call Mommy 'Honey' next time, because I think it's gonna make me say it."

November 6, 2008

QotM. #0576:

Silas: "Whose controller is this?"
Luke: "Mine."
Silas: "But it feels cold."
Luke: "Oh."

- I'm amazed and a little scared that they now know whose controller is whose based on warmth

November 3, 2008

QotM. #0575:

Silas: "Mommy, do monsters know our name?"
Mommy: "There are no monsters, Silas. They're just pretend."
Silas: "What about the one at the fair?"
Mommy: "That was just a man in a costume."
Silas: "There was a costume inside the monster?"