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January 28, 2009

QotM. #0603:

Luke's assessment of Little Big Planet:

"I think they meant to call it Medium Planet."

January 26, 2009

QotM. #0602:

"I wrote my phone number down at school for Brooke and Kailey. But I wasn't sure how to do the 2 and the 5, so I just wrote S's."

January 23, 2009

QotM. #0601:

"Do we need to listen? Cause I hear you talking, but I think you're talking to yourself."

- Luke upon hearing me mumbling the directions to myself while I figured out how to play "Mousetrap"

January 21, 2009

QotM. #0600:

Daddy: "Do you want ice cream for dessert?"
Luke: "No thank you. I just want bread."
Daddy: "Don't you like ice cream?"
Luke: "No, not really."
Daddy: "Really? Why?"
Luke: "I don't know. God just changed me like that."

January 16, 2009

QotM. #0599:

"I want to go check on Faith again. I love her."

January 14, 2009

QotM. #0598:

Silas {doing a headstand}: "Do you know why I'm so good at that?"
Daddy: "Why?"
Silas: "Because my head is so big."

January 12, 2009

QotM. #0597:

"Hey, Daddy? Can you tell me when it's my birthday?"

- this was as soon as Christmas was over, and his birthday is May 18

January 9, 2009

Who's next?

January 8, 2009

QotM. #0596:

Luke: "We each have fun things to do. I get to go to school and go to computer class. Daddy gets to go to work and wear a badge..."
Silas: "...and I get candy!"

January 6, 2009

QotM. #0595:

"Daddy's real name is 'Beau', Mommy's real name is 'Jeanine', and Aunt Tiffany's real name is...'Aunt'?"