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February 28, 2009

Some of the many things I love about my kids #8:

  • Faith's big, beautiful blue eyes
  • How Silas would bring Faith a kleenex when she sneezed (until he realized she didn't really need it)
  • Hearing Luke say, "Here, Mommy. Let me handle it." if I can't get Faith to stop crying
  • How Silas called the ornament hangers at Christmas "hookers"
  • How Luke makes sure everyone washes their hands before they touch Faith
  • Faith's sweet, easygoing temperament
  • How the boys use the word "notice" instead of "know" ("Babies aren't born with any teeth! I didn't notice that...")
  • How Silas can eat dinner and dessert, and then go back for a second helping of dinner, and on the flip side...
  • How Luke can taste the difference between boxed mashed potatoes and my homemade ones because mine "are just a little bit better"
  • How Faith pumps her fist in the air after she's done eating
  • How the boys come into Faith's room while I'm feeding her to read her books, play and hang out
  • Luke's exclusive use of pointing with his middle finger (though I don't know if love would be the claim I would put on this one...maybe just interesting)
  • How Silas's name for the card game "Old Maid" is "Old Navy"
  • Wishing my lips were permanently attached to Faith's sweet little head
  • How Luke and his friend at school have nicknamed the doll that lives in their classroom "Baby Ew" since that's what the doll looks like it's saying (go ahead...try it ;) )
  • How Silas sometimes gets into bed by going through the bunk bed ladder headfirst and then onto his lower mattress
  • Seeing Luke's sweet little hand on the video monitor putting a pacifier back in Faith's mouth when it's fallen out, completely unprompted
  • How Faith immediately stops crying when you talk to her
  • How Silas sees the animals in our backyard through Viva Pinata eyes ("I wish we could get that squirrel to live in our garden.")
  • How Faith and Beau have "date night" where I feed her and then head to bed. I can hear Faith "talking" and cooing to Beau from all the way upstairs. She loves her daddy!
  • How Luke just likes to be near Faith and will just sit next to her and hold her hand or leg
  • How if you happen to catch Faith just as she's waking up in her crib, she'll lock her eyes on her you and then give her biggest smile
  • Having three precious little angels to share my life with. They change so much and so quickly. I am so very blessed to see it and be a part of their lives!

February 25, 2009

QotM. #0609:

Daddy: "Do you remember why the Israelites were whining and complaining to God?"
Luke: "Yes! All they had to eat was salmon from heaven."

February 19, 2009

QotM. #0608:

"You know when someone yawns and then you start yawning? That's called a yawn fight."

February 17, 2009

QotM. #0607:

Silas wanders into Daddy's office...

Silas: "I keep wanting you, Daddy."
Daddy: "Really?"
Silas: "Yes, it just keeps happening."

February 16, 2009


For the past couple of weeks, Faith and I have had a nice little pre-bedtime routine going. Jeanine feeds her for the last time, hands her to me to burp and change, and hits the sack. Faith then proceeds to stay up and talk to me for a good 30-60 minutes. Of course I never have a video camera handy, and it's too dark to see much anyway -- but trust me: it's the most wonderful thing ever. She just smiles and coos and converses as best a 10 week old can.

So I've been pretty determined to try to replicate the whole affair in the daytime, with a camera. This weekend I got a small bit of it:

February 6, 2009

QotM. #0606:

Mommy: "Silas, how many red crayons do you see?"
Silas: "All of them."

February 4, 2009

QotM. #0605:

Here's a conversation I had with Luke after I told him I was having trouble memorizing the Bible verse I was going to have to recite at Bible study that night. He's figuring these things out waaaaaaay too early.

Luke: "Is everyone going to have to say it?"
Mommy: "Yes."
Luke: "Here's what you do. You wait until someone else says it, and they'll tell you the whole thing. And then you can say it after them. But you'll have to remember it then."

February 2, 2009

QotM. #0604:

Luke: "Do you know why I wasn't hurting Silas when I was standing on top of him?"
Mommy: "Why?"
Luke: "I was only standing on one foot!"