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March 30, 2009

QotM. #0620:

Mommy: "When Faith starts grabbing things and putting them in her mouth, we're going to have to be really careful and make sure she doesn't get little things."
Luke: "Yes. And you'll have to set up the baby trap to make sure she doesn't get up the stairs."

I guess we know what Luke thought of the baby gate as a baby...

March 29, 2009

Wee Willie Winkie.

Following a day in which he got to wear his pajamas to school, Silas recites the nursery rhyme he learned:

March 26, 2009

QotM. #0619:

Daddy: "Did you sleep well last night, Silas?"
Silas: "Probably!"

March 24, 2009

QotM. #0618:

Daddy: "Do you hear the ocean?"
Silas: "No. I think Luke picked some seashells that don't have the ocean in them."

March 19, 2009

QotM. #0617:

"Let me try to pick you up, but first, let me try to get my muscles stronger." {hitting his stomach}

March 17, 2009

QotM. #0616:

{laughing} "Luke, please stop tickling me! It feels like ants!"

March 13, 2009

QotM. #0615:

{looking at my cuffed capri pants} "Why do you have these kind of pants? So you can see your legs better?"

March 11, 2009

QotM. #0614:

"I guess this is just a quiet day."

Luke was sick. :(

March 10, 2009

Luke, Silas, and Faith have a new cousin.

Nora Praise Teague was born in the middle of the night last week. Go and marvel!

March 9, 2009

QotM. #0613:

"I think this blanket is made out of wolves."

March 6, 2009

QotM. #0612:

Silas: "I know what we should have for dinner - chicken nuggets!"
Mommy: "But we had chicken nuggets last night."
Silas: "No, I mean with real chicken."

March 5, 2009

QotM. #0611:

"I just can't stop looking at her face!" (referring to Faith)