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July 31, 2009

Ring bearing.

Two weekends ago we flew the five of us up to Allentown, Pennsylvania for the wedding of previous TPOD guest stars Kim Tachovsky Choquette (!) and Matt Choquette. Over eleven years ago, Jeanine's cousin Kim was a bridesmaid in our wedding -- we certainly couldn't have predicted her returning the favor and having our sons as ring bearers in hers all these years later.

We had a complete blast at the wedding. Luke and Silas continue to talk about how they just want to go back to Pennsylvania. I think they now assume that the state plays host to a weekend-long party year-round. Thank you so much, Matt and Kim; the wedding was amazing!

July 27, 2009

QotM. #0644:

Silas: "This tastes like chocolate!"
Mommy: "What does?"
Silas: "My banana bread. Did you know that if you leave banana bread out, it turns to chocolate?"

July 26, 2009

Happy birthday, Luke!

Six! I can hardly believe it, and if I allow myself to think too hard, I'll burst into tears thinking of how big you've gotten in so many ways. You've grown into such a mature kid and constantly amaze me with the thoughtful and insightful comments you make about life. You love your siblings to pieces, and they adore you in return. The past six years have been such a blessing to us! Happy birthday!!


July 13, 2009

QotM. #0643:

Silas: "Daddy, can bugs see?"
Daddy: "They sure can."
Silas: "Well then why did that one bug look right at me and then fly into the swimming pool?"

July 1, 2009

QotM. #0642:

"Mommy! Can we get this? We buy 125 bendaroos. And then we buy 125 more bendaroos. And then...and we don't even have to buy this...we get 500 bendaroos!!"

- Luke getting sucked into infomercials