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August 31, 2009

QotM. #0651:

Silas: "I think I smell church."
Mommy: "Really? What does it smell like?"
Silas: "Blueberries."

The bouncy ballerina.

The boys' Johnny Jump Up videos were raucous affairs. It only made sense that Faith's would be a bit more elegant.

August 27, 2009

QotM. #0650:

Silas: "Daddy, brush my teeth really fast, please."
Daddy: "Why?"
Silas: "So I can go see Faith some more."

August 24, 2009

QotM. #0649:

(after Luke proceeded to create bucket after bucket of disconnected sand castles)
Daddy: "What are we building this whole field of sand castles for?"
Luke: "So people will walk by and go, 'Oh wow, look what you guys did!'"

August 21, 2009

QotM. #0648:

Mommy: "What's your favorite drink?"
Silas: "You have to guess."
Mommy: "Sprite?"
Silas: "Grape juice. You were very close."

August 19, 2009

QotM. #0647:

Luke: "Mommy, why does Silas smell so bad?"
Mommy: "That's not very nice. We don't say that about other people. I think he smells sweet..."
Silas: "I farted."

August 12, 2009

QotM. #0646:

"Faith just laughed at my REAL yawn. I wasn't pretending, and she still laughed at it!"

August 10, 2009

QotM. #0645:

Silas:"You know what kind of friends I want?"
Daddy: "What kind?"
Silas: "Giants who are nice and friendly. And I want them to live in my house if they can fit."