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February 27, 2010

Some of the many things I love about my kids #9:

When I look at the date I started this post (July 27, 2009), I cringe. Some of these things are developmental and/or fleeting, and the kids passed these milestones a ways back. But I just can't not post them. For now, a journey back in time...

  • Watching Faith light up when the boys pay attention to her
  • How Silas will sometimes fall asleep with his head in his hands while watching TV
  • How the boys sit on either side of me on the arm of the chair in their room when I read them a book, and sometimes Faith sits in my lap. Pure heaven.
  • How Faith will try to stay up as late as she can, but when you pick her up and cradle her, she immediately conks out
  • How Silas crosses his legs when playing a video game, watching TV, or sitting in his carseat
  • How Luke always prays that "dinner will be good"
  • How Faith tries to sit straight up when she's lying down on her back, looking like she's doing little baby crunches, and...
  • How when you put Faith's arms through the straps in her carseat, she thinks you're trying to help her practice sitting up {yep, I realize she's walking now! :) }
  • Watching the boys copy the choreography on "So You Think You Can Dance"
  • How when Faith gets playfully tossed in the air, she puts her arms straight up, making it almost impossible to catch her (read: NOT. A. FAN.)
  • How the boys have already started the countdowns to their birthdays {granted, it's a lot closer now...at the time, their birthdays were 10-12 months away}
  • How Faith opens her eyes so wide when you turn the lights out and it all of a sudden gets dark
  • Listening to Silas say "Bellacino's" (one of our favorite family restaurants) with an Italian accent
  • How Faith falls asleep easiest when you kiss the side of her face
  • How when my hair falls in her face, Faith closes her eyes, smiles, and laughs
  • How Luke calls his big toe his "thumb toe"
  • How Faith pulls down her bumper pad to peek if someone's coming in to get her up from a nap
  • The boys' favorite nickname for Faith: "Baby Cuteface", as opposed to "Miss Wagglebottom" as they used to call her (christened when she would "waggle" her bottom during standing practice before she could stand on her own)
  • How if I don't get Faith up immediately after her nap, she'll turn on her glowworm to entertain herself
  • How the boys unite together and plead for Silas to not take a nap every day
  • Faith's mastery of the fake laugh
  • How when the boys are really serious about something, they always add "for real" ("Mommy, Silas just jumped across the whole rug - for real!")
  • How the boys think they hear Faith's first words: "Mommy! I just heard Faith say 'chariot'!"
  • Seeing the boys play with their sister, complete with high "baby voice" and doing all kinds of tricks to make her smile/laugh

February 14, 2010

QotM. #0678:

{singing} "Catch me, catch me! Then you have to kiss me!"