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July 26, 2010

Happy birthday, Luke!

Hey, Luke! You can read this now. How fun is that? You are seven! SEVEN! That is huge, Luke. You are only three years away from ten!

Mommy and Daddy love you SO much. And we are so happy to see what a great brother you are to Silas and Faith. Have a fun day, Luke!

p.s. If you read this far, then you get a surprise. Go look in your sock drawer to find it!

Luke, the seven-year-old

July 20, 2010

QotM. #0688:

"It's just like riding a dolphin!"

- Silas surfing on a boogie board

July 12, 2010

Some of the many things I love about my kids #10:

  • How Faith gives me a hug by putting her palms on either side of my head and laying on my face
  • Watching Luke watch an intense scene (the winter Olympic games, a climactic scene in a Disney movie, watching a kid misbehaving and about to get in trouble) with his hands over his eyes, and...
  • Hearing his audible sigh/exclamation of relief when it's over
  • Watching Faith give unsolicited hugs to the boys
  • Going to see the boys "king houses" that they build by piling tons of pillows on top of the couch and sitting at the very top
  • How Faith grunts/chuckles when she figures something out
  • How Silas describes little things as "tinsy" (with a long "i" sound - cross between tiny and teensy)
  • How Faith calls monkeys "moneys"
  • How Luke waits to open goody bags from birthday parties until he gets home (he is the king of delayed gratification)
  • How Faith will squirm up into my lap without me even noticing, just like Silas used to do
  • How Silas looks at me and smiles when Beau says something funny
  • How Faith tries to wink and ends up scrunching her face and closing both of her eyes
  • Luke's love of anything and everything camouflage
  • Faith's love of tea - hot or cold (yes, I'll admit I've put both in her sippy cup)
  • How Silas absentmindedly pats Faith's back or leg when she sidles up next to him
  • Faith's nonstop "talking" and reading books with tons of inflection, even if no one can understand a word of what she says
  • How Faith "helps" me take the clothes out of the dryer and identifies the people that wear them as she picks them out (t-shirt - "Daddy!", shorts - "Siyas!")
  • How when Faith gets tired, she wanders around the house with her hands over her eyes

QotM. #0687:

"This food tastes just like how it smells!"

- Silas on Aunt Leah's amazing maple apples

July 8, 2010

QotM. #0686:

Daddy: "We're not going to eat fast food this time. No Arby's, McDonald's, Chick-fil-a... We're going to go to another kind of restaurant."
Silas: "Long food?"