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August 27, 2010

QotM. #0694:

Luke: "I just remembered something we get to do tonight."
Silas: "What?"
Luke: "Tryouts for the wedding."

August 23, 2010

QotM. #0693:

Mommy: "We know someone who's one year old..."
Luke: "Faith! She's a humongous girl!"
Luke {whispering}: "I'm saying that so she doesn't get embarrassed."

August 17, 2010

QotM. #0692:

"I wish I had super powers. Oh, wait! I do! I have super cool moves!"

August 12, 2010

QotM. #0691:

Silas: "Can we watch the movie?"
Mommy: "No, it's an adult movie. Just for mommies and daddies. Just lots of people talking."
Silas: "Oh! I love that! Just to hear what people say!"

August 9, 2010

QotM. #0690:

"If they tell you to dance, make sure you don't take off your shirt."

- Luke's advice to Silas on his first day of kindergarten

August 3, 2010

QotM. #0689:

Luke: "I've been seeing 'Shrek 2' everywhere!"
Mommy: "Really, where?"
Luke: "I think mostly in my dreams."

August 1, 2010

Like wheeeeeee...

Inspired by this, I threw together five short bits from the last month: