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November 30, 2010

Happy birthday, Faith!

Hey talky-talker, how old are you? TWO! (We've been working on that all week, haven't we?) Now that your ability to converse has exploded, we're getting to know you even better. And it's been hilarious, fun, and so sweet!

Keep on keeping up with your big brothers - for as gentle as you are, they sure have kept you tough. And keep redistributing our shoes from the closets to the living room - how would we ever remember to wear our different pairs without you? And finally, keep singing as loudly as you can at all hours of the day - we could listen to that forever.


November 24, 2010


It's been a fun couple of months. Maybe it'll turn cold enough for long sleeves (or even shirts) at some point!

November 17, 2010

QotM. #0704:

"It's true that it tastes like dog food, but I still really like it."

- Luke about Grape Nuts cereal

November 9, 2010

QotM. #0702:

"Mexican music makes me want to dance!"

November 1, 2010

QotM. #0701:

Mommy: "Luke, you need to help Silas clean up."
Luke: "But I have more work to do after that - my homework."
Mommy: "You're the oldest. You have more responsibility. Silas doesn't have any homework yet."
Luke: "At least I have the birthright."