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May 27, 2011

QotM. #0713:

Silas: "Cherries are my favorite fruit."
Mommy: "What about mango? I thought you liked that?"
Silas: "Oh, yeah. Mango, then cherries."
Mommy: "What about strawberries?"
Silas: "Wait, those are my favorite..."
Mommy: "Then what about cherries? Where do they fall?"
Silas: "Oh! I know this! From a vine...no, a bush!"

May 17, 2011

QotM. #0712:

"Did your running shoes use to be Daddy's?"

In a multi-kid family, you only think in hand-me-downs...

5 and 364/365ths.

This is it - we're putting you to bed tonight as a five year old, and you'll wake up a six year old (let's see if you stay awake long enough to see us put the streamers on your door!) As much as I'd like you to stay this age forever, I'm so proud of the boy you are becoming. You work so hard to do the right thing and make people happy. You are sensitive and sweet and hardworking and kind. And as my gymnastically-inclined, healthy food-eating little man, you have abs I could only dream of (yes, I mean that). Happy birthday, sweetheart!! We love you!


May 6, 2011

Kemble & Ashley Get Married.

It was a fantastically fun wedding, and we were so happy to be there.


Above is flower girl Faith (accompanied by cousin Nora) bolting for Uncle Kemble around two-thirds of her way down the aisle. Make sure you click through for even more photos from the superfun wedding weekend!

Uncle Rex was nice enough to keep the kids occupied during the rehearsal.

Uncle Royal chipped in in his own way as well. (As hard as he tried to, Silas never actually fell off.)

Luke reads a book about a flower girl to a flower girl.

Rehearsal dinner!

Nora and Faith practice their duties.

Faith hangs with the groomsmen.

Getting ready for the big day!

Here's a rare backstage photo of Uncle Kemble just moments before he became Mr. Teague.

Family shot!

Hanging on hay bales.

Fields of Faith.

Post-wedding refreshment!

The bride and groom dancing it up to BritBeat.

She wanted to dance with me! I promise! But as soon as we got on the floor she realized it was too loud for her precious little ears.

Wasn't too loud for Luke and Nora!

Wiped out.