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December 24, 2011

QotM. #0724:

Faith: "We have to go home and get to sleep!"
Mommy: "That's right! Because tomorrow is Christmas..."
Faith: "And we have to have a lot of good dreams. Like Elmo!"
Mommy: "What other things do you have good dreams about?"
Faith: "Turkeys!"

December 19, 2011

QotM. #0723:

Daddy: "Want me to cook some weenies tonight?"
Silas: "Daddy, that's a bad word."
Daddy: "Oh, right. What's the worst bad word you know?"
Silas: "Umm...probably 'yeti'?"

December 3, 2011

QotM. #0722:

Beau watching the LSU/UGA football game: "Go, Tigers!"
Faith: "Those aren't Tigers. Actually, they're just kids."