Previously on Quote of the Moment...

April 26, 2013                           (0)

"When I wasn't born, did Jesus not build me yet?"

April 11, 2013                           (1)

"Zoe could guard our front door. She's our super hero, right?"

April 4, 2013                           (3)

"Easter's not about the Easter bunny or candy or egg hunts's about Jesus!"

March 11, 2013                           (0)

"You know what I figured out? People annoy people they like. Just like I annoy you, Silas!"

December 27, 2012                           (0)

"The helicopter got caught in Faith's hair. Should I just cut it out?" {with scissors in hand} Thank goodness he asks first!

September 4, 2012                           (0)

"Ow! I stubbed my toe! That's the 4th worst thing that has happened to me in the past 7 days."

June 20, 2012                           (0)

Faith: "Will I ever be a baby again?"
Mommy: "Nope."
Faith: "Aw, man!"

June 4, 2012                           (0)

"Can I have a granola bar for a snack? But can you keep the *trash on, please? I want to eat it like a lady."


April 12, 2012                           (0)

"I'm glad I didn't live in Bible times. Not because of all the wars, but because they didn't have pizza."

February 13, 2012                           (0)

Luke: "Why doesn't Zoe eat us if she eats meat?"
Daddy: "Well, she loves us, and she knows that if she eats us, no one would give her food. Who would give her food?"
Faith: "I will!"

January 28, 2012                           (0)

Faith on marriage:

"I'm going to find a boy that's the same size as me."

January 25, 2012                           (1)

"I burped like a man!"

January 20, 2012                           (0)

"My eyes feel like bread."

- says a very tired Faith

January 16, 2012                           (1)

"I think you should always keep iPhones away from babies because they're always going to want it."

- words of wisdom from Luke

January 10, 2012                           (0)

"I'm not loud. I just happy!"

January 3, 2012                           (1)

"Hug him! Hug him!"

- Faith's background noise as I was talking to the seafood guy at Publix. Also: the downside of being well-known at the local grocery store.

December 19, 2011                           (0)

Daddy: "Want me to cook some weenies tonight?"
Silas: "Daddy, that's a bad word."
Daddy: "Oh, right. What's the worst bad word you know?"
Silas: "Umm...probably 'yeti'?"

November 24, 2011                           (1)

Silas reading Sonny's BBQ all-you-can-eat sign: "What?! They kill babies and take their back ribs?!?"

November 20, 2011                           (0)

"Do you know why it's so hard to sing the songs? You have to stand up."

- Silas talking about singing at church

September 3, 2011                           (0)

(Faith feeling Beau's cheek): "Did you whisk your skiskers off?"

August 7, 2011                           (0)

When I go to the pool, I can take my gobbles and my innertoot?

July 9, 2011                           (0)

Playing the alphabet game on the way to the beach:

Luke and Silas: "A...B...C..."
Faith: "7!"

June 23, 2011                           (0)

"This isn't working. Please help me?"

- Faith after trying to bite into a piece of tough, overcooked pizza

May 27, 2011                           (0)

Silas: "Cherries are my favorite fruit."
Mommy: "What about mango? I thought you liked that?"
Silas: "Oh, yeah. Mango, then cherries."
Mommy: "What about strawberries?"
Silas: "Wait, those are my favorite..."
Mommy: "Then what about cherries? Where do they fall?"
Silas: "Oh! I know this! From a, a bush!"

May 17, 2011                           (2)

"Did your running shoes use to be Daddy's?"

In a multi-kid family, you only think in hand-me-downs...

March 30, 2011                           (0)

Silas: "Can you buy a house for $100?"
Mommy: "No, that's only in Monopoly."
Luke: "I've seen a house for $99...or maybe that was a shed."

February 15, 2011                           (0)

Daddy: "Do you like that relish?"
Silas: "Kind's good enough to eat."

December 20, 2010                           (0)

Mommy: "What did you learn in church today?"
Silas: "Don't do karate moves to chickens. They might chase you."
Luke {clarifying}: "They mean: 'Don't bother chickens.'"

December 13, 2010                           (2)

Silas pointing after he hit his head: "That's the part that helps me think. That's the best part."

November 29, 2010                           (1)

Mommy: "Oh, Faaaaaaith! Where's my baby? Where is she?"
Faith (from the other room, faintly): "She's a good girl."

November 17, 2010                           (1)

"It's true that it tastes like dog food, but I still really like it."

- Luke about Grape Nuts cereal

November 12, 2010                           (0)

Faith: "Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!"
Mommy: "Yes?"
Faith: "Umm..."

(3/3 Teague kids have deployed this method of learning and wanting to talk all the time, but at a loss of what to say.)

November 9, 2010                           (0)

"Mexican music makes me want to dance!"

November 1, 2010                           (2)

Mommy: "Luke, you need to help Silas clean up."
Luke: "But I have more work to do after that - my homework."
Mommy: "You're the oldest. You have more responsibility. Silas doesn't have any homework yet."
Luke: "At least I have the birthright."

October 18, 2010                           (7)

"Girls think a lot more things are gross than boys do, don't they?"

October 8, 2010                           (0)

Luke: "What was the baby's super power in 'The Incredibles'?"
Mommy: "I think it's turning into a monster. Remember when the bad guy was flying away with him and he turned into a monster?"
Luke: "Oh, yeah!"
Silas: "And a statue!"
Mommy: "A statue? I don't remember that part. I need to see the movie again."
Silas: "Me either!"

September 27, 2010                           (1)

Daddy: "Why is this open?"
Mommy: "I don't know. It was just like that."
Luke: "'The Boys' did that."

September 17, 2010                           (5)

Daddy: "What's your favorite land animal?"
Silas: "A lion. What's yours?"
Daddy: "I've always liked tigers."
Silas: "Why did you pick a girl animal?"

September 7, 2010                           (1)

Silas: "Are these blueberries washed?"
Mommy: "No, not yet."
Silas: "Well this one is, because I just licked it."

September 3, 2010                           (0)

Daddy: "Do you like silly bandz?"
Silas: "No, but I might like them when I start wanting them."

August 27, 2010                           (0)

Luke: "I just remembered something we get to do tonight."
Silas: "What?"
Luke: "Tryouts for the wedding."

August 23, 2010                           (0)

Mommy: "We know someone who's one year old..."
Luke: "Faith! She's a humongous girl!"
Luke {whispering}: "I'm saying that so she doesn't get embarrassed."

August 17, 2010                           (0)

"I wish I had super powers. Oh, wait! I do! I have super cool moves!"

August 12, 2010                           (3)

Silas: "Can we watch the movie?"
Mommy: "No, it's an adult movie. Just for mommies and daddies. Just lots of people talking."
Silas: "Oh! I love that! Just to hear what people say!"

August 9, 2010                           (0)

"If they tell you to dance, make sure you don't take off your shirt."

- Luke's advice to Silas on his first day of kindergarten

August 3, 2010                           (0)

Luke: "I've been seeing 'Shrek 2' everywhere!"
Mommy: "Really, where?"
Luke: "I think mostly in my dreams."

July 20, 2010                           (0)

"It's just like riding a dolphin!"

- Silas surfing on a boogie board

July 12, 2010                           (0)

"This food tastes just like how it smells!"

- Silas on Aunt Leah's amazing maple apples

July 8, 2010                           (4)

Daddy: "We're not going to eat fast food this time. No Arby's, McDonald's, Chick-fil-a... We're going to go to another kind of restaurant."
Silas: "Long food?"

June 9, 2010                           (0)

"Luke, Si-yas!"

- Faith is finally able to say them!

March 29, 2010                           (3)

" was my day today?"

- Luke upon getting into the car after school. He beat me to the punch this time.

March 22, 2010                           (0)

"That's cool. The wind attacks the rain drops and they fall off."

- Luke looking out his window in the car during a rainstorm

March 17, 2010                           (0)

Silas: "Does it have skunks on it?"
Mommy: "No."
Silas: "Does it have tigers on it?"
Mommy: "No."
Silas: "Then what was it?"

- Silas after I told him I had gotten a new shirt for Luke. I mean, what else could there be besides skunks and tigers?

March 11, 2010                           (0)

"You can just talk in a normal voice."
- Luke after I "voiced" Sister Bear

March 8, 2010                           (0)

Silas: "I think those cheese crackers might taste like strawberries."
Mommy: "Really?"
Silas: "Yes, some things taste like strawberries sometimes. I'll let you know."

March 1, 2010                           (8)

Mommy {to Faith's baby talk at breakfast}: "Faith, what are you talking about?"
Silas: "Don't worry about her, Mommy. She's just talking to her food."

February 14, 2010                           (4)

{singing} "Catch me, catch me! Then you have to kiss me!"

January 20, 2010                           (1)

Daddy: Can you spell "you?"
Luke: U.
Daddy: It's actually Y-O-U.
Luke: What?! That's crazy. Why would they do that?

January 8, 2010                           (0)

"I need to call the news man. It's snowing, and you can see snowflakes on the ice!"

December 22, 2009                           (0)

It's fun having the weekend on school days, isn't it? 'Cause then everybody's home!

December 18, 2009                           (0)

"Daddy, can you do a story tonight from your mouth, not from a book?"

December 15, 2009                           (0)

Silas: "I don't want to be a cute person."
Mommy: "Why not?"
Silas: "You have to wear ties and stuff..."

December 8, 2009                           (0)

"She looks like she's about to dust something."

- Silas's reaction to Faith's first ponytail (or "ponk", as we call it) on top of her head

December 4, 2009                           (0)

"I'm having two healthy things for breakfast: a banana and an english muffin. I already ate the banana. Check!"

December 1, 2009                           (0)

Ma ma!

November 17, 2009                           (0)


November 16, 2009                           (0)

Silas: "Look, Mommy! I got a piece of candy at school!"
Mommy: "Neat! What for?"
Silas: "I remembered something that no one else remembered."
Mommy: "What was it?"
Silas: "...I forgot."

November 10, 2009                           (0)

"It looks like Transformers, only there aren't any Transformers in it."

-Silas watching a commercial for a documentary about WWII

November 4, 2009                           (0)

Silas (picking up a rolled-up poster): "What's this?"
Mommy: "It's a picture. One of my favorite pictures of all time."
Silas: "Is it a picture of me?"

October 28, 2009                           (3)


- spoken with a staccato Southern accent

October 26, 2009                           (0)

Luke: "How do you spell 'How does Buzz Lightyear fly? I see him fly.'?"
Silas: "How do you spell 'How does Buzz Lightyear fly? I see him fly. Infinity years old. Love your neighbor as yourself.'?"

October 22, 2009                           (2)

(After doing Daddy's post-run leg stretches alongside him)
Daddy: "How do you feel?"
Silas: "It kind of made me longer!"

October 20, 2009                           (0)

Luke had a friend over to play the other day, and I eavesdropped on their conversation...

Friend {while playing a game}: "If I win, I rock. And if you win, you rock."
Luke: "Rock what?...does that mean you win?"

Luke: "One time, a mouse fell off the fence and Zoe killed it!"
Friend {shocked}: "You have a sister named Zoe?"

Silas {while praying over the lunch}: "Thank you, God, for giving us friends."

October 16, 2009                           (0)

Silas: "These are my super cool super hero glasses!"
Mommy: "They're cool. What do they make you do?"
Silas: "They make me see not so good."

(They are an opaque green. I don't know what the deal is with these "glasses".)

October 13, 2009                           (1)

Luke: "Daddy, what do you say at work when they realize that you weren't there and that you went to a wedding?"
Daddy: "I'll say just that...that I went to a wedding. What do you think they would say to that?"
Luke: "'Well, I'm glad you're here today!'"

October 8, 2009                           (0)

"I think she's going to write a note back saying, 'You need to work on this more'."

- Luke discussing his handwriting on a get well card for his teacher

October 1, 2009                           (0)

"Ow, Faith! Your hands are like tweezers!"

September 28, 2009                           (0)

Luke: "Ooooooh, this guy looks cool!"
Silas: "Awesome?"
Luke: "Yes, awesome."
Silas: "Okay, I need to see him then."

September 18, 2009                           (0)

Silas: "Last night I had a dream about some roley-poleys that turned into delicious pears."
Daddy: "Really?"
Silas: "Yes! And I always wanted to have that dream!"

September 16, 2009                           (0)

Luke: "Mommy, is there infinity stuff in this whole world?"
Mommy: "No..."
Luke: "I mean the whole planet."
Mommy: "Not really..."
Luke: "Okay, how about the planet, all the other planets and outer space...and all the leaves."

September 10, 2009                           (0)

Silas: "I know why we wear shoes."
Mommy: "Why?"
Silas: "So cars won't bump over our feet."

September 8, 2009                           (2)

Luke: "I think that I'm going to be President, and my name will be Luke Washington."
Silas: "I think that I'm going to be President, too, and my name will be Barack Obama Silas."

September 2, 2009                           (3)

Luke: "What is this we're having?"
Mommy: "Couscous. Isn't that a funny word?"
Luke: "Maybe it's a different language."
Mommy: "Maybe. What country do you think it's from?"
Luke: "Mmmmm....Michigan?"

August 31, 2009                           (0)

Silas: "I think I smell church."
Mommy: "Really? What does it smell like?"
Silas: "Blueberries."

August 27, 2009                           (0)

Silas: "Daddy, brush my teeth really fast, please."
Daddy: "Why?"
Silas: "So I can go see Faith some more."

August 24, 2009                           (0)

(after Luke proceeded to create bucket after bucket of disconnected sand castles)
Daddy: "What are we building this whole field of sand castles for?"
Luke: "So people will walk by and go, 'Oh wow, look what you guys did!'"

August 21, 2009                           (1)

Mommy: "What's your favorite drink?"
Silas: "You have to guess."
Mommy: "Sprite?"
Silas: "Grape juice. You were very close."

August 19, 2009                           (1)

Luke: "Mommy, why does Silas smell so bad?"
Mommy: "That's not very nice. We don't say that about other people. I think he smells sweet..."
Silas: "I farted."

August 12, 2009                           (1)

"Faith just laughed at my REAL yawn. I wasn't pretending, and she still laughed at it!"

August 10, 2009                           (0)

Silas:"You know what kind of friends I want?"
Daddy: "What kind?"
Silas: "Giants who are nice and friendly. And I want them to live in my house if they can fit."

July 27, 2009                           (1)

Silas: "This tastes like chocolate!"
Mommy: "What does?"
Silas: "My banana bread. Did you know that if you leave banana bread out, it turns to chocolate?"

July 13, 2009                           (1)

Silas: "Daddy, can bugs see?"
Daddy: "They sure can."
Silas: "Well then why did that one bug look right at me and then fly into the swimming pool?"

July 1, 2009                           (4)

"Mommy! Can we get this? We buy 125 bendaroos. And then we buy 125 more bendaroos. And then...and we don't even have to buy this...we get 500 bendaroos!!"

- Luke getting sucked into infomercials

June 29, 2009                           (3)

Mommy: "Luke, you've got your shirt on backwards."
Luke: "What? No, I don't." {looks inside his shirt for the tag}
Silas: "God knows, Luke. God knows that you have your shirt on backwards."

June 26, 2009                           (0)

Mommy: "Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake baker's man. Bake me a cake as fast as you can. Pat it, and prick it, and mark it with a T. And put it in the oven for - "
Silas: "Baby Bop and me! ...Daddy and Luke always say it wrong."

June 23, 2009                           (1)

"Mommy, are you going to the potty? I have to gooooooo! I even have my pants off!"

- Silas talking through the crack under the bathroom door

June 18, 2009                           (0)

"Hello, Mrs!"

June 16, 2009                           (0)

"Okay, on the count of 3 we all fall down. 1...4...8...5...3!"

June 12, 2009                           (1)

"You know, if I got married, she would STEAL my name!"

- Luke talking about his future wife

June 10, 2009                           (0)

"Look, Daddy! It's the ark of the president!"

- Silas showing off his craft from VBS: the ark of the covenant

June 8, 2009                           (0)

Daddy: "Goodbye, children!"
Silas: "Goodbye, daddies!"

June 5, 2009                           (1)

"FIRST I wanted to be a astronaut, THEN I wanted to be an artist, THEN I wanted to be a farmer, but NOW I want to be a plumber! Do you really get to use all of those tools???"

- Luke upon seeing the plumber's bag who came to fix our hot water heater

June 3, 2009                           (0)

"I'm a very good singer...but I don't rhyme."

June 1, 2009                           (0)

"You know, Faith smiles when you say something three times...but sometimes she doesn't."

May 21, 2009                           (0)

"I like Chuck E Cheese TOO much!"

May 18, 2009                           (0)

Luke: "Do you like Chinese food?"
Silas: "I like all the food in the whole wide world."
Luke: "Do you like Portuguese food?"
Silas: "That's a language!"

May 11, 2009                           (0)

"Sometimes when I burp, it hurts. Especially the Coke snot burps."

April 24, 2009                           (8)

Mommy: "I can't believe you got the tree down in the front yard!"
Beau: "I know! Those guys are really strong and helped me a lot!"
Luke: "...when you said 'those guys', I couldn't tell if you're talking about us...cause you didn't say our names."

April 21, 2009                           (3)

{overheard after the boys went to bed at night}
Silas: "Does the Bible really say that God loves us and we love him?"
Luke: "Yes."
Silas: "I want to read the Bible."

April 16, 2009                           (2)

Daddy: "Cain brought God some of his plants that he grew, but God wasn't happy with them, and Able brought to God his best sheep to sacrifice."
Luke: "So...probably the lambs that could do tricks and stuff...and the ones that couldn't, he kept."

April 14, 2009                           (0)

{after going up and finding Silas still awake an hour after he went down for a nap}
Mommy: "Silas, are you still up?"
Silas: "Yes!"
Luke: "Good job, Silas!"

April 8, 2009                           (0)

"I can run really fast because I have a cheetah on my shirt. Daddy can run faster than a cheetah with a broken leg...with only one broken leg."

April 6, 2009                           (2)

"Mommy, I'm trying not to tell you something because I don't want you to know...but I'm going to tell you. I have army men and an army truck in my bed...{pause} I think I'm going to bring the army truck down because it's too big."

I never had to say a word!

April 1, 2009                           (2)

Silas: "Look out, Daddy! You're stepping in the lava!"
Daddy: "Oh no! What do I do?"
Silas: "It's okay, Daddy. The lava just turned into dinosaurs that don't eat you."

March 30, 2009                           (0)

Mommy: "When Faith starts grabbing things and putting them in her mouth, we're going to have to be really careful and make sure she doesn't get little things."
Luke: "Yes. And you'll have to set up the baby trap to make sure she doesn't get up the stairs."

I guess we know what Luke thought of the baby gate as a baby...

March 26, 2009                           (0)

Daddy: "Did you sleep well last night, Silas?"
Silas: "Probably!"

March 24, 2009                           (0)

Daddy: "Do you hear the ocean?"
Silas: "No. I think Luke picked some seashells that don't have the ocean in them."

March 19, 2009                           (2)

"Let me try to pick you up, but first, let me try to get my muscles stronger." {hitting his stomach}

March 17, 2009                           (0)

{laughing} "Luke, please stop tickling me! It feels like ants!"

March 13, 2009                           (0)

{looking at my cuffed capri pants} "Why do you have these kind of pants? So you can see your legs better?"

March 11, 2009                           (0)

"I guess this is just a quiet day."

Luke was sick. :(

March 9, 2009                           (1)

"I think this blanket is made out of wolves."

March 6, 2009                           (2)

Silas: "I know what we should have for dinner - chicken nuggets!"
Mommy: "But we had chicken nuggets last night."
Silas: "No, I mean with real chicken."

March 5, 2009                           (1)

"I just can't stop looking at her face!" (referring to Faith)

February 25, 2009                           (0)

Daddy: "Do you remember why the Israelites were whining and complaining to God?"
Luke: "Yes! All they had to eat was salmon from heaven."

February 19, 2009                           (1)

"You know when someone yawns and then you start yawning? That's called a yawn fight."

February 17, 2009                           (0)

Silas wanders into Daddy's office...

Silas: "I keep wanting you, Daddy."
Daddy: "Really?"
Silas: "Yes, it just keeps happening."

February 6, 2009                           (1)

Mommy: "Silas, how many red crayons do you see?"
Silas: "All of them."

February 4, 2009                           (0)

Here's a conversation I had with Luke after I told him I was having trouble memorizing the Bible verse I was going to have to recite at Bible study that night. He's figuring these things out waaaaaaay too early.

Luke: "Is everyone going to have to say it?"
Mommy: "Yes."
Luke: "Here's what you do. You wait until someone else says it, and they'll tell you the whole thing. And then you can say it after them. But you'll have to remember it then."

February 2, 2009                           (1)

Luke: "Do you know why I wasn't hurting Silas when I was standing on top of him?"
Mommy: "Why?"
Luke: "I was only standing on one foot!"

January 28, 2009                           (2)

Luke's assessment of Little Big Planet:

"I think they meant to call it Medium Planet."

January 26, 2009                           (2)

"I wrote my phone number down at school for Brooke and Kailey. But I wasn't sure how to do the 2 and the 5, so I just wrote S's."

January 23, 2009                           (0)

"Do we need to listen? Cause I hear you talking, but I think you're talking to yourself."

- Luke upon hearing me mumbling the directions to myself while I figured out how to play "Mousetrap"

January 21, 2009                           (0)

Daddy: "Do you want ice cream for dessert?"
Luke: "No thank you. I just want bread."
Daddy: "Don't you like ice cream?"
Luke: "No, not really."
Daddy: "Really? Why?"
Luke: "I don't know. God just changed me like that."

January 16, 2009                           (1)

"I want to go check on Faith again. I love her."

January 14, 2009                           (1)

Silas {doing a headstand}: "Do you know why I'm so good at that?"
Daddy: "Why?"
Silas: "Because my head is so big."

January 12, 2009                           (0)

"Hey, Daddy? Can you tell me when it's my birthday?"

- this was as soon as Christmas was over, and his birthday is May 18

January 8, 2009                           (0)

Luke: "We each have fun things to do. I get to go to school and go to computer class. Daddy gets to go to work and wear a badge..."
Silas: "...and I get candy!"

January 6, 2009                           (0)

"Daddy's real name is 'Beau', Mommy's real name is 'Jeanine', and Aunt Tiffany's real name is...'Aunt'?"

December 24, 2008                           (2)

"A smile is fudge."

December 22, 2008                           (1)

{watching me change Faith}
Silas: "It's a good thing she doesn't have a penis. She won't get it caught in her PJs."

December 19, 2008                           (0)

{Mommy singing "Baby, It's Cold Outside" - best Christmas song ever, btw}
Silas: "Are they in China?"

December 17, 2008                           (1)

Silas: "My hands look clean!"
Mommy: "Well, we still need to wash them because germs are invisible."
Luke: "Yes. Germs are faith."

December 15, 2008                           (0)

Silas: "Mommy's not a kid."
Daddy: "She's not? What is she?"
Silas: "She's a dult."

December 12, 2008                           (0)

Luke: "Oh, I love this restaurant even more than I thought I did!"
Mommy: "Really? Why?"
Luke: "Is it next to the train tracks?"
Mommy: "Yes."
Luke: "This is my favorite restaurant!"

December 10, 2008                           (0)

"I would love to play football with those kind of hats."

December 8, 2008                           (5)

Luke: "Hey, Daddy! We're watching the Georgia Tech game!"
Daddy: "Don't tell me yet what's going on. I want to watch it first."
Luke: "Okay. I won't tell you all the bad stuff that happened that Mommy told me about."

(This was at the beginning of the GA/GA Tech game, though. :) Go Jackets!!)

November 28, 2008                           (1)

Luke's observation about Faith's upcoming birth: "She was infinity before she was born. Then she'll turn zero."

November 26, 2008                           (0)

Mommy: "Luke, I'm tired."
Luke: "Me, too!"
Mommy: "Maybe we should both take a little nap."
Luke: "I know what we could do that would make us fall asleep."
Mommy: "What?"
Luke: "Maybe watch a movie? That always makes me want to fall asleep..."

November 24, 2008                           (0)

Silas: "When I eat my pudding, I don't get my mouth dirty."
Mommy: "Really? How?"
Silas: "I have a big mouth."

November 21, 2008                           (0)

"Can you help me? It keeps making me lose..."

- Silas on playing a new video game

November 19, 2008                           (2)

Silas {singing}: "I fell into a burning ring of pacifiers..."

...followed by laughter at his Johnny Cash joke

November 17, 2008                           (1)

"I'm glad Jesus didn't make me a chair or anything like that...because it feels good. It feels good like this."

November 14, 2008                           (1)

Those who have been to The Coffee Park on Roswell Road can maybe relate to this one. :)

Luke: "Where are we going?"
Mommy: "The Coffee Park."
Luke: "Have we ever been there before?"
Mommy: "Yes. One you remember?"
Luke: "Oh, I think I do. Weren't we locked in a cage?"

November 12, 2008                           (0)

"Is Jesus making hot dogs?"

- Silas in the car as we smelled an outdoor BBQ

November 10, 2008                           (0)

Daddy {to Mommy}: "Honey, I think I know where we should go for dinner."
Luke: "Daddy, maybe you shouldn't call Mommy 'Honey' next time, because I think it's gonna make me say it."

November 6, 2008                           (0)

Silas: "Whose controller is this?"
Luke: "Mine."
Silas: "But it feels cold."
Luke: "Oh."

- I'm amazed and a little scared that they now know whose controller is whose based on warmth

November 3, 2008                           (1)

Silas: "Mommy, do monsters know our name?"
Mommy: "There are no monsters, Silas. They're just pretend."
Silas: "What about the one at the fair?"
Mommy: "That was just a man in a costume."
Silas: "There was a costume inside the monster?"

October 31, 2008                           (0)

"How does apple juice make granola bars melt in your mouth?"

October 29, 2008                           (0)

"Daddy, can you race with me? Cause you're faster than a cheetah!"

October 27, 2008                           (1)

Mommy: "Your eyes are blue, Silas. What color are mine?"
Silas: ""

October 21, 2008                           (4)

"Whoa! My fart almost came out as #2!...Farts are kind of tricky, huh, Daddy?"

(Sorry it's gross - I thought it was kinda funny!)

October 17, 2008                           (0)

"Mommy, can you hold me? Because I think you like to hold me."

October 15, 2008                           (0)

"Oh, you're the best mommy in the whole wide world!"

- Luke after I beat an extra-hard level for him on his Space Monkey video game

October 10, 2008                           (2)

Luke: "When do I get to go to kindergarten?"
Mommy: "Next year."
Luke {disappointed}: "Oh, man!"
Silas {panicked}: "I don't want to go to kindergarten!"
Mommy: "Why?"
Silas: "That means I have to get a shot!"

October 6, 2008                           (0)

Silas: "Am I bigger than the table?"
Daddy: "You're head and shoulders bigger!"
Luke: "And neck."

October 3, 2008                           (0)

Luke: "How old is Zoe?"
Mommy: "7 years old."
Luke: "How do you know?"
Mommy: "She was born 7 years ago when we got her as a puppy."
Silas: "When Zoe has a birthday party, I think she's going to need some help opening her presents because she's a dog."

October 1, 2008                           (0)

"Mommy, I think you must be getting so tired of making breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. When I get bigger, I'll help you!"


September 29, 2008                           (0)

"If I was a girl, I'd want a baby in my tummy, cause I want to see what it feels like."

September 25, 2008                           (0)

Luke {after unwrapping baby girl clothes from a friend}: "It's a good thing it's girl clothes!"
Mommy: "Why? Wouldn't you wear this?"
Luke: "No. It's a 'pretty'."

September 24, 2008                           (0)

After watching the Jonah Veggie Tales movie...

Luke: "Hey, Mommy, guess where I DON'T want to go?"
Mommy: "Where?"
Luke: "Ninevah."

September 22, 2008                           (0)

Mommy: "Luke, is there anyone from school you'd like to have over to play?"
Luke: "Yes...I think I want to have over the bad kid."
Mommy: "Why?"
Luke: "I think I can make him nice."

September 18, 2008                           (0)

Luke: "Is the baby going to be naked when she comes out?"
Mommy: "Yes."
Luke {incredulously}: "NAKED?!?!"

September 16, 2008                           (0)

Luke: "I know someone who can't go to work."
Daddy: "Who?"
Luke: "Pregnant mommies."
Daddy: "Why?"
Luke: "They might bump into things with their big tummies."

September 12, 2008                           (0)

Luke: "When I get to be a daddy, I'm going to work at Gametap. And then I'm going to work where you are. And then I'm going to go to college."
Daddy: "What are you going to do at college?"
Luke: "I don't know. I've never been there before."
Daddy: "At college, you learn really hard stuff."
Luke: "...I think at college I'll learn how to snap."

September 10, 2008                           (0)

Luke: "Knock, knock!"
Silas: "Who's there?"
Luke: "Me!"
Luke: "Knock, knock!"
Silas: "Who's there?"
Luke: "Me!"
Luke: "Knock, knock!"
Silas: "Who's there?"
Luke: "Me!"

- overheard their first night in the same room

September 7, 2008                           (0)

"No, Silas! Stay in here! This is the happy room!"

- Luke after Silas tried to go in the "sick" room at the doctor's office for his 3-year check-up. They have a smiley face icon on the "well" room and a sad face on the "sick" room.

September 4, 2008                           (0)

"From up here you look so teeny, tiny! It looks like you're little people, and we're the big people."

- Luke on top of his bunk bed

September 2, 2008                           (0)

Daddy: "What do you think, guys? Should I run for president?"
Silas; "Yes!"
Daddy: "I don't know...I think it might be a hard job."
Silas: "Can I just see you do it one time?"

August 29, 2008                           (0)

Daddy: "So we're going home tomorrow. This was our last day at Hilton Head."
Luke: "But Daddy! If we leave tomorrow, how am I going to remember the beach!?"

August 27, 2008                           (0)

Daddy: "Hey, Luke. I have a joke for you."
Luke: "What?"
Daddy: "What's brown and sticky?"
Luke: "What?"
Daddy: "A stick!"
Silas: "...sometimes trees are."

August 25, 2008                           (0)

Daddy: "When you get a shot, it hurts at first, but then it makes you better."
Silas: "When they stop?"

August 22, 2008                           (2)

"I think God touches us, and that's how we wake up in the morning."

August 19, 2008                           (0)

Silas: "Can I have some more apple juice?"
Mommy: "More apple juice? If you have much more, you'll turn into an apple!" (I know, I's a theme the past 2 days)
Luke: "What about me? I like milk. What will I turn into?"
Mommy: "A cow."
Silas: "What can I have then?"
Mommy: "Some water."
Silas: "Then I'll turn into a water cow!"

August 18, 2008                           (0)

Silas: "Can I have another clementine, please?"
Mommy: "Another clementine?? You guys have had so much, if you're not careful, you'll turn into a clementine!"
Silas: "But I'll be careful!"
Luke: " that true?"

August 15, 2008                           (0)

"Spit is really cool because it makes a lot of bubbles."

August 13, 2008                           (1)

Silas {after Daddy threw him up in the air}: "You caught me!"
Daddy: "You should be glad that I caught you!"
Silas: "Cause I could crack my head open?"
Daddy: "And then what would be in there?"
Silas: "More hair."

August 10, 2008                           (0)

Mommy {calling to Luke in the bathroom}: "Are you done?"
Luke: "No."
Luke: "...Mommy, when I say 'no', I don't really mean I'm not done. I mean I don't need help because--"
Silas: "Because you're 5?"
Luke: "Yes."

Silas understands.

August 1, 2008                           (1)

Daddy: "Luke, you know what we're going to do today?"
Luke: "What?"
Daddy: "We're going to go to the doctor's office and find out if our little baby..."
Luke: "...has a penis?"

July 24, 2008                           (0)

Mommy: "Are you still tired?"
Silas: "Did you hear me yawn?"
Mommy: "Yes."
Silas: "When I do that, it makes me not tired."

July 21, 2008                           (0)

Daddy: "Hey, Silas!"
Silas: "Hay on a boy!"

- after Daddy tried to teach the boys the "hay is for horses" thing

July 18, 2008                           (0)

"Whoever has a mouth, then they're real."

- Silas explaining how to determine which characters are real after seeing WALL-E

July 16, 2008                           (0)

Mommy: "Can I pick you up?"
Silas: "Yes. How can you do that?"
Mommy: "I'm so strong."
Silas: "I'm so strong, too. I can pick up big pillows."

July 14, 2008                           (0)

Luke {putting a small roly-poly in my hand}: "Here. He's a little bit dead."


July 9, 2008                           (0)

Mommy: "After Luke wakes up, we're going to go to Costco, then we're going to have dinner, and then who do you think is coming over?"
Silas: "Granmom and Grandad!"
Mommy: "You smart boy! How did you know that?"
Silas: "It wasn't a hard one."

July 7, 2008                           (0)

Mommy: "Do you know what holiday is this week?"
Luke: "No."
Mommy: "It's July 4th! It's the birthday of our country. So we have parades, and fireworks, and wear red, white and blue, because those are the colors of our flag..."
Luke: "But what do we wear for pants?"

July 2, 2008                           (1)

Silas {coming up to me while I'm flipping through a magazine}: "Mommy, will you play with me?"
Mommy {still flipping}: "Sure! Go ahead and set it up, and I'll come play with you."
Silas {gently closing my magazine for me}: "Here you go, Mommy. Now you can play better."

June 29, 2008                           (0)

{Silas doing a trick on his scooter}
Mommy: "Wow, Silas! How did you learn how to do that?"
Silas: "Vacation Bible School."

June 27, 2008                           (0)

Silas: "I didn't like being a baby."
Mommy: "Why?"
Silas: "It wasn't much fun."

- Silas watching the video of him smiling for the first time...a little less active than he is now. :)

June 25, 2008                           (2)

"When I get to be a cowboy, I'll be really good at riding a motorcycle."

June 23, 2008                           (1)

Daddy: "I'm going to help them deliver the baby when it's ready to come out."
Luke: "Can we please come in and see the bone where the hole is in Mommy's tummy?"

June 20, 2008                           (0)

{Silas and Daddy after Silas fell off his scooter}
Daddy: "Silas, are you okay? Did you scrape your knee?"
Silas: "I'm fine, but the sidewalk got a bigger scrape."

June 18, 2008                           (0)

Luke: "We watched a TV show about Jonah in church today."
Daddy: "Really? Was it a cartoon or real people?"
Luke: "Daddy, the Bible really happened."

June 16, 2008                           (0)

"Daddy, it's getting so big I don't know if it's really a number."

- Luke looking at the gas pump while filling up

June 13, 2008                           (0)

Luke: "Mommy, can I play a video game?"
Mommy: "Why do you like playing video games so much?"
Luke: "It's just what God makes me think about all the time."

June 11, 2008                           (0)

"I'm going to leave it just like this until a giant comes along and gets it out for me."

- Silas after he pushed his straw far into his juice box. For some reason he's obsessed with giants nowadays.

June 9, 2008                           (0)

Luke: "I bet Mommy's tummy got bigger last night."
Daddy: "I bet it did! You know what? Mine did, too."
Luke: "You're joking, Daddy, but it looks like it did."

June 6, 2008                           (0)

Mommy: "We have a surprise for you! We're going to have a baby!"
Luke: "Today??"

June 4, 2008                           (0)

Daddy: "Do you want Mommy to have another baby?"
Luke: "Yes, but who is she going to marry to make this one?"

June 2, 2008                           (0)

"Daddy, you're the best back scratcher. They should have you in a scratch-your-back store."

May 30, 2008                           (0)

"I wish that was a dream, Mommy."

- Luke after falling off his scooter and scraping his knee

May 28, 2008                           (0)

"Captain D* in Peter Pan was playing a fun, cool sword game. Ching- ching!"


May 27, 2008                           (0)

"Hey, Daddy! If you scratch your head, it will get bigger!"

May 23, 2008                           (0)

Luke {singing}: "Da doo deee! Deee da dooo! Ba ba baaa!"
Silas {looking at Luke and then at me}: "That makes me happy, Mommy."

May 21, 2008                           (0)

"We're Energy Boys!"

May 19, 2008                           (0)

"Daddy, I'm so tired I'm starving...I'm starving for tired. {then realizing how silly it sounds} You don't know what that means, do you?"

May 5, 2008                           (0)

"I love everyone. Everyone in our state, everyone in New York City, everyone in Italy, everyone in Rome, everyone in California, everyone at the beach. Everyone on this planet!"

May 2, 2008                           (1)

Mommy {waving to a neighbor walking down the street}: "Hi!"
Luke: "Do you know her name?"
Mommy: "No."
Luke: "Then you shouldn't talk to her. She's a stranger!"

April 30, 2008                           (0)

Silas: "I feel sick."
Mommy: "What part of you feels sick?"
Silas: "I can't guess."

April 28, 2008                           (0)

Silas: "Are we going to the park?"
Mommy: "As soon as we get our shoes on."
Silas: "Okay! Let's rock n roll!"

April 25, 2008                           (0)

"I'm glad you don't talk in Spanish, Mommy, cause I wouldn't know what it means!"

April 23, 2008                           (1)

Mommy: "What was your favorite thing about the basketball game?"
Luke: "The chicken. And the man - I think he was a superhero."

April 21, 2008                           (0)

Silas: "L-U-K-E"
Daddy: "Very good, Silas! You spelled 'Luke'! Who can spell 'Jesus'?"
Silas: "God can!"

April 18, 2008                           (0)

Mommy: "It's going to be hot today, so you can put on a short-sleeved shirt."
Luke: "How about short-sleeved pants?"

April 16, 2008                           (0)

Luke: "I had fun at the playground, but my feet got tired."
Daddy: "Maybe you just need more exercise. Do some jumping jacks."
Luke {pointing to our stash of jacks}: "We have those over there."

April 14, 2008                           (0)

"I like kids."

April 11, 2008                           (2)

Silas: "I want to work at Chick-fil-a!"
Mommy: "Really?"
Silas: "Yes. I will make soup."
Luke: "Can you make me some eggs?"
Silas: "Sure!"

April 9, 2008                           (0)

Mommy: "What do you want to watch?"
Silas: "'Little Einsteins'!"
Mommy: "Are you sure? Both of you?"
Silas: "Yes, 'Little Einsteins'!"
Luke: "Silas, you're making me want to watch 'Little Einsteins', and I don't even want to watch TV! I want to play a video game!"

March 31, 2008                           (0)

{"Triops Has Three Eyes" playing on the CD player...}
"Mommy, I think those are real, but they're up in heaven."

March 28, 2008                           (0)

Luke: "Why do you call yourself 'Mommy'?"
Mommy: "Because that's what you guys call me."
Luke: "But some people like to call you 'Jeanine'."
Silas: "I like you to call you pretty."
Luke: "Me, too!"
Mommy: "Aw, boys...that is so sw-"
Luke: "Who wants to be called stinky man?!?"

March 26, 2008                           (0)

Mommy: "Hmmm...I'm going to have to park a little better."
Luke: "You don't have to say so many words. It's okay."

March 23, 2008                           (0)

"Who wants to go to the clam store with fire on it?"

March 21, 2008                           (0)

Luke: "The park is close to the grocery store."
Mommy and Daddy {not thinking it warranted a response}: "..."
Daddy {but knowing Luke}: "I know."
Luke: "I thought I was going to have to say it two times!"

Luke: "The park is close to the grocery store."
Mommy and Daddy {not thinking it warranted a response}: "..."
Daddy {but knowing Luke}: "Yes, it is."
Luke: "I thought I was going to have to say it two times!"

March 20, 2008                           (1)

Luke: "I miss Aunt Tiffany."
Daddy: "She'll be here in just a little bit, and then you'll get to see her. She'll come to our house, and maybe she can even babysit you."
Luke: "Daddy, we're not babies anymore. I want to call it 'big-sit'."